Fender Flares and Protection

Everything Can-Am Offroad offers a range of Can-Am Defender fender accessories to keep you dry and protect your vehicle from mud. Whether you need fenders, extensions, or guards, we have you covered. In addition to our standard fender flares, we also have sport, MAX, and XMR fender flares available. With our high-quality products, you can enjoy off-roading without worrying about mud barrages or getting wet. At Everything Can-Am Offroad, we are committed to providing our customers with the best products and services. Shop our selection of Can-Am Defender fenders today and experience the ultimate protection and performance for your vehicle.

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Even if you don’t spend much time in the slop or actively seek out mud pits and bounty holes, running a set of Can-Am Defender fender flares on your rig can make a significant difference in the amount of mud that gets shot up, stuck on the sides, and flung into the cabin of your vehicle. If you’re trail riding or making a pilgrimage to your deer lease, Can-Am Defender fenders are a must — that is, unless you're a side-by-side masochist that enjoys getting pelted in the face with mud, pebbles, and dirt clods. Many UTV owners that slow-roll mud holes may disagree with the necessity of fender flares on the Can-Am Defender, claiming that it’s just one more place for mud to cake up on. But in our opinion (and the opinion of most seasoned side-by-side owners), it all depends on your personal setup, your riding style, and the areas where you ride. If the biggest modification you’ve made to your rig is the addition of bigger tires, then regular sport fenders will work just fine. But if you have a wide wheelbase and are running parts like portals or wheel spacers, a standard set of Can-Am Defender fender flares will probably do little good. In this case, you’re going to want a little something extra like Can-Am Defender fender extensions. Not only do these extended Can-Am Defender mud guards keep debris from entering your cab, but because they reduce spatter along the sides of the UTV, extended Can-Am Defender fender flares will also reduce the time it takes to wash your machine!

Be it Can-Am Defender fender guards or Can-Am Defender sport fender flares, we’ve got the stuff you need to thwart mud barrages and stay dry as a bone with the help of some Can-Am Defender fenders, Can-Am Defender fender extensions, or Can-Am Defender fender guards from Everything Can-Am Offroad! And along with the standard Can-Am Defender fender flares that we sell, at Everything Can-Am Offroad, you can also get your hands on Can-Am Defender sport fender flares, Can-Am Defender MAX fender flares, and Can-Am Defender XMR fender flares!

Many riders have nothing but good things to say about SuperATV flares, while others prefer the Can-Am Defender mud guards, fender kits, and protection accessories made by firms like Trail Armor and MudBusters. The under-bed mud shield by Trail Armor, for example, is amazingly effective at thwarting the mud buildup that would otherwise occur at the bottom of your rig’s dump bed. When paired with MudBusters’ Can-Am Defender Bed Med Guards, the Trail Armor mud shield kit allows for lightning-fast cleanup times and a lifetime of reliable protection! From Can-Am Defender mud shields and fender products to fender hardware and fender protectors, we’ve got it all and so much more here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

If you’re having difficulties with your Can-Am Defender fender flare install, there are a number of things to consider. With BRP fenders, for example, the lower part of the rear flare will need to be trimmed if you’ve also got a side skid plate / rock slider kit installed. Very few factory Can-Am products come with instructions, but you can easily find Can-Am Defender fender flare instructions online at places like Everything Can-Am Offroad! Alternatively, with BRP fenders for the Can-Am Defender, you can flip the bottom section over and see where the cutouts are in them. Depending on the type of rock sliders you have, the amount you’ll need to trim will vary. And if you’re running massive mud tires, you might also have to trim your fenders if you don’t want them to rub.

Although the Can-Am Defender sport fenders look bad to the bone, they simply aren’t as effective as the wider fender options out there. And if you add portal boxes, wheel spacers, and large wheel offsets to the mix, you’re going to get even more mud and water splashing up beyond the precipice of your wheel wells. The factory XMR fender flares are a bit better, and you should be able to install them on any Can-Am Defender model with the right hardware. But take heed with factory Can-Am Defender fenders, because they are known to collect mud and dust, which makes them quite heavy and increases the likelihood of breakage!

Whatever brand of Can-Am Defender fenders and protection products you decide to go with, we’re here to assist you at every step along the way. Our fenders, fender guards, and fender extensions are not only flexible enough to withstand impacts with trees, rocks, and other vehicles, but they’re also sturdy enough to not flap around or wag when you’re trailering your UTV on the highway or interstate. So keep your elbow clean and your side panels spotless with Can-Am Defender fenders, fender flares, and the other mud management systems we offer at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Whether you have the XMR, the Lonestar, or any other Defender edition, you too can reap the benefits from a solid set of Can-am front and rear fender flares. Be it a replacement set of OEM Can-am Defender fenders or aftermarket Can-am fender extensions, the fenders here at Everything Can-Am Offroad are a breeze to install, bolting right op to existing factory holes — because most people don’t really like putting more holes in their UTV if they don’t have to. So if you’re looking for a solution for those wet days when the front-end of your machine is slinging water up at you or simply like the look of fender flares on your Can-am Defender, we’ve got the fenders and fender extensions for you and your rig!

Between Factory UTV and MudBusters you are sure to find a fender extension, fender flare or a form of protection that will aid in keeping the inside of your cab cleaner as well as keeping mud out of your face. If you are really into getting all down and dirty, well, to each their own, but if not then the protection that you are looking for is right at your fingertips. We have a variety for you to choose from so that depending on the set up of your machine you will be able to find what best suits you and your Can-Am Defender. As UTV aftermarket add-ons, the fender flares, extenders and general protection that we carry are amazing. They are built to withstand the blows that they face during your races against nature. Some are purely made to get the job done, while some are a bit more stylish for those who are looking to keep with the aesthetic they are building with their UTV. Choose from one of the many options here and you and your UTV will be grateful and to get home at least half cleaner than any other day. These options are available for both the Can-Am Defender and the Can-Am Defender MAX.

For riders that prefer bumpy, uneven trails and rocky hills, rock sliders are the way to go. They are specially created to be rugged however, they are quite slick and made from a durable material to offer full protection for your rocker panels. They work both with and apart from skid plates and will not deplete your much-needed ground or slide clearance. The perfect rock sliders for your machine are available at Everything Can-Am Offroad. You can get Half Inch UHMW Rock Sliders for your Can-Am Defender or Three Eights UHMW Rock Sliders for your Can-Am Defender MAX. We also offer other protection accessories like fender flares and Dump Bed Mud Guards that protect your wheel wells and the underside of your bed from mud spray. Face any trail with the confidence that your UTV is fully protected. Get fender flares and protection accessories for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.