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Fire/Medical Rescue

As the stalwart workhorse in Can-Am's side-by-side lineup, the Defender is a great vehicle to use for firefighting and medical rescue operations. Be it for emergency evacuation due to flooding, or a wintertime medical rescue mission on the snow, for increased capabilities and greater proficiency, Can-Am Defender fire and medical rescue accessories are a must. Lifeguards often use Defenders as rescue units on long stretches of coastline, and with things like in-bed stretchers and medical platforms, any Defender can be converted into a makeshift off-road ambulance. And for those in the fire brigade, things like tow-behind water tanks or the Firelite skid unit tank and pump by Kimtek are great to use when fighting fires in remote / hard-to-reach areas. Many fire and medical rescue accessories for the Can-Am defender are dual purpose, and can be used by lawmen, firemen, EMTs or civilian volunteers. Lighting accessories, for example, are essential for any search and rescue mission -- especially those that take place at night. Can-Am Defender spot lights are great for long-distance illumination, while units like flood lights and scene lights can help you search, see, and work better at close range. Although not specific to firefighting or medical rescue, cargo racks, tie-downs, and nets / webbing for the Can-Am Defender are also useful for securing supplies and gear. Expect the unexpected and make your own luck by ensuring that you're rig is equipped with the latest fire and rescue accessories from Everything Can-Am Offroad!

In addition to stretchers, water tanks, lights, and storage racks, some other essential accessories for both firefighting and medical rescue are communication systems. Whether you're trying to figure out where the best place is to unload the portable water tank in the bed of your 6x6 Defender, or partitioning a search area so that your team doesn't overlook anything, with a multi-channel Can-Am Defender communication system, you and your team will always be in the loop. From medical supply cases for the Can-Am Defender to pull-behind drags and plows for creating firebreaks, Everything Can-Am Offroad has you covered with all the best fire and medical rescue accessories for any edition of the Can-Am Defender!

15 products

15 products