Floor and Bed Mats

Revitalize your interior with our collection of the finnest Can-Am Defender Floor Mats and floor protectors available today! Our range is thoughtfully designed with raised edges, ensuring that dirt, water, and debris are contained and away from your vehicle’s floor. Embrace the rugged outdoors without worry, as our splash-resistant mats shield your Defender’s interior from the elements. Crafted for convenience, these mats are a breeze to clean, ensuring your off-road escapades leave no lasting marks. Plus, enjoy a fresh and odor-free cabin after every journey, thanks to our smell-free material composition. Perfectly blending practicality and durability, our Can-Am Defender floor mats are an essential addition for any off-road enthusiast on the market!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Defender Floor Mats?

Can-Am Defender Floor Mat Types and Materials

Rubber Mats

Rubber mats are ideal for rugged terrains and harsh conditions where easy-to-clean properties and durability make them perfect for wet or muddy environments.

Rubber mats are what most of us are going to for, and that’s for a good reason since these offer the best of all worlds and are perfect for what the Can-Am Defender represents.

Aluminum Mats

Aluminum mats offer a sturdy defense for the Can-Am Defender’s floor, enhancing both protection and the vehicle’s rugged appearance. 

However, they are less removable and can feel cold to the touch, especially during the winter when cold isn’t exactly something we want.

Plush Liners

These are more suitable for light use and people who aren’t really interested in pushing the Can-Am Defender to the limit.

As such, plush liners bring a touch of comfort and luxury to your Can-Am Defender, particularly for relaxed drives and leisure outings.


Floor mats with raised edges are a smart choice for the Can-Am Defender and any other vehicle for that matter.

They help contain spills and debris, protecting the interior. Combining a tough aluminum base with a rubber top layer can provide the best of both durability and ease of cleaning.

Smart Features

You should also look for floor mats with additional functionalities such as enhanced grip, thermal resistance, water-repellent treatments, and easy installation mechanisms. 

These features boost utility and add a sophisticated touch to your Can-Am Defender!

Choosing Between Floor Mat and Underlay

For versatility and ease of cleaning, traditional floor mats are an excellent choice because they can be easily taken in and out of the vehicle.

If they are dirty, simply take them out and give them a nice rinse. They are ideal for everyday use and can adapt to different terrains. 

Underlays, offering a more permanent solution, are great for intense off-roading due to their superior grip and stability. 

If you can’t make up your mind, combining both provides the best protection and functionality for your Can-Am Defender.