You might be wondering what kind of fuel you should put your Can-am Defender. Unless it has a specific tune and build designed to use ethanol fuel, specifically the high 110 octane e85 fuel, none of the Can-am vehicles have any requirement for any ethanol mix. In fact, ethanol has a much shorter storage life, in everything from cars to yard maintenance equipment to chainsaws and other small engines. it’s a bio fuel to help displace our use of fossil fuels. A “green” filler. For the most part it’s fine, if you’re going through a lot and it doesn’t sit, you’re fine with it. If it will sit for a month or longer, you should definitely add stabilizer with ethanol products. And if you’re thinking about using premium fuel, thing again. The manual says to use 87 octane, there is simply no need for premium. There’s zero benefits to using premium in the Can-am Defender engine; it’s not a high compression motor. As a matter of fact some people have experienced starting issues when using premium. Whether it’s in a Koplin gas can, a Rotobax fuel pack, or directly into the fuel tank of your Can-am Defender, regular gas should work for most riders with relatively un-modified machines.

The happiest time that you spent recently was just you exploring the outdoors with no real set plan, just following a trail. Then, you ran out of fuel and you had to wait for three hours in the midday heat for a rescue. You did not realize just how far you had come and did not have back up fuel for your UTV. It happens. But, you can be better prepared with a fuel pack from right here for your Can-Am Defender. These UTV aftermarket fuel packs are safe. They are made specifically for offroad life so that they can handle the jarring and bumps along the way and they are completely sealed once closed so that you do not have to worry about spillage. Choose from one of these fuel packs and never be stranded again. On to the mounts that you see here. We carry a variety so that you can strap, tie down and mount anything that you can imagine to your cargo bay or roll cage. These mounts are the pivotal point between your cargo and your machine and therefore they are engineered to be very strong. You can trust that when you choose a mount or the mounts for the job, you have a great part or parts on your machine. These fuel packs and mounts are also available for the Can-Am Defender MAX

Fuel packs are such an integral accessory and a must-have for long treks and overnight camping trips because you never want to run out of fuel while you’re in the wilderness. Give yourself the freedom to top-up your gas no matter where you are. You can also be the responsible one that has extra fuel to loan your friends when their tanks run dry. Avoid embarrassing stalls and shut-downs with fuel packs from Everything Can-Am Offroad. The fuel packs we supply are available in various storage types and capacities so you can carry as little for one top-up or as much for a full refill of your gas tank. A quick refuel means that you can get back to pounding the trail in no time. We supply fuel packs for your 2020 Can-Am Defender and your 2020 Can-Am Defender MAX. Get fuel packs and mounts for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.