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Are you ready to explore the world with your Can-Am Defender? If so, it’s time your explorations take a turn for the better with our Can-Am Defender GPS and Navigation systems, exclusively available at Everything Can-Am Offroad! Our Can-Am Defender GPS and Navigation section is stocked with cutting-edge tools including wireless cameras, sturdy mounts, navigators, and vivid high-resolution touch screens. These devices not only map your route but also offer real-time traffic alerts and seamless integration with digital switches and wiring systems. Experience navigation like never before, where technology meets the rugged outdoors. With bright displays and dependable tech, you'll focus less on finding your way and more on creating unforgettable adventures. Discover our Can-Am Defender GPS and navigation solutions today, and turn every journey into a story worth telling!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Defender GPS & Navigation Systems?

Handheld (Portable) vs Dashboard Mounted (Fixed) Defender GPS & Navigation Systems

For those who value adaptability and general ease of use, a handheld GPS system is an excellent choice indeed.

These are ideal for multi-vehicle use or activities outside the Defender, these portable units are typically rugged, waterproof, and boast impressive battery life, but will need charging eventually

However, if you're looking for a more integrated experience, dashboard-mounted GPS systems offer larger displays and direct power connectivity to your Can-Am Defender, providing durability and convenience for challenging off-road conditions.

Navigation Accuracy and Precision Positioning

The cornerstone of any GPS system is its navigation accuracy and precision since this is why we buy it in the first place.

In remote areas with limited cellular coverage, a reliable GPS is indispensable. Choose a system renowned for precise triangulation to ensure you never lose your way, a crucial factor for any Can-Am Defender adventurer.

Some prefer to use phones for these purposes, and that is indeed a possibility in areas where signal is not an issue.

However, if you are serious about exploration, you gotta make sure cellular signal isn’t your only way of navigating.

Durability and Toughness

Durability is paramount in the tough terrains that the Can-Am Defender is known to traverse and because of the fact that a working GPS can sometimes be the difference between a good adventure and you getting lost.

Look for GPS units with high IP ratings, indicating strong resistance to elements like water and dust. 

Accessories like robust casings and covers are essential for protecting your device, especially when enjoying the open air and rugged landscapes.

Display Quality

The display quality of your Can-Am Defender GPS unit is another key factor you ought to consider when buying these.

Be sure to opt for systems with high-resolution, bright displays that are easy to read under various lighting conditions. Modern GPS units often feature IPS or OLED screens, which offer better visibility compared to older TFT panels.

The idea here is to go for a system that allows you perfect readability even in the most challenging of environments.

Smart Features

Finally, consider the advanced features available in contemporary GPS systems as some of these you are going to love.

These might include Bluetooth connectivity, touchscreens, voice commands, and the ability to cache maps for offline use.

Many modern units also integrate seamlessly with other Can-Am Defender components, such as backup cameras, creating a holistic navigation experience that leverages the latest in technological advancements.