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Heat Shields

From individual Can-Am Defender heat shield replacements to complete aftermarket heat shield kits, stay cool when riding and prevent heat-related damage with the Can-Am Defender heat shields from Everything Can-Am Offroad! As one of the primary sources of unwanted heat on the Can-Am Defender, the exhaust system is particularly prone to warp body panels, melt nearby plastic / rubber components, and make the bed area of your vehicle extremely warm. Whether you’ve got a large aftermarket exhaust, or a stock exhaust that is suffering from a fuel-air mixture that is too rich, we’ve got both exhaust heat deflectors as well as heat wrap for the muffler and header pipes of the Can-Am Defender exhaust. Products like Kolpin’s stealth exhaust system come with heat shields, while others utilize built-in heat shielding to keep the surrounding areas cool. But if your exhaust is overheating, our aftermarket Can-Am Defender heat shields could be the solution you’re looking for!

In addition to exhaust heat shielding, at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we also offer heat shields for the engine bay, the cargo bed, and the cab section of the Can-Am Defender. Many riders line the inside of their cabin with automotive heat shield insulation, while under-hood insulation mats are also common. Products like Dynamat will work to both block heat as well as reduce noise, and Razorback Offorad makes an amazing in-bed heat shield that is padded for those who ride with their dogs. Whether you’re located in the south and want a Can-Am Defender heat shield for a less hot and more comfortable cabin, or if you lost a factory Can-Am Defender heat shield somewhere along the way and require a replacement unit, don’t stress and find whatever it is that you seek by searching the heat shield selection at Everything Can-Am Offroad. With deeply discounted prices and near-instantaneous shipping times, it’s almost impossible to beat the folks at Everything Can-Am Offroad for any heat shield accessory!

30 products

30 products