Long Travel Kits

Everything Can-Am Offroad is the go-to destination for riders who want to upgrade their Can-Am Defender with big lifts and long travel suspension setups. Whether you want a taller, wider ride or want to install aftermarket a-arms and portal boxes, Everything Can-Am Offroad has you covered. Riders can also opt for Can-Am Defender long travel kits that are available on the website. No matter what you choose, Everything Can-Am Offroad has the expertise and resources to help you get the most from your ride. The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it easy to find the parts and accessories you need. With Everything Can-Am Offroad, you'll feel confident that you're getting top-quality parts and excellent customer service.

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Get your rig ready for mud, gnarly trails, and unruly terrain with a Can-Am Defender long travel kit from Everything Can-Am Offroad! Some riders opt for 6” portal boxes, S3 springs, and aftermarket a-arms; but with an adjustable big lift / long travel kit, you’ll have multiple settings to choose between so that you’re sitting at the right height and the right width with just the right amount of travel! In most cases, Can-Am Defender long travel suspension setups will require the use of long travel axles, long travel a-arms, and long travel radius rods. But if you go with a Can-Am Defender long travel setup from Everything Can-Am Offroad, everything that’s required will be included as a single kit in a single package! 

If you install a 6” lift on 6” portals and 40” tires, you’ll definitely want a frame stiffener plate to avoid damaging your vehicle and causing the arms to fold up like pretzels. With a long travel kit, however, you can achieve a wider track width and a taller ride height without overstressing your machine. Companies like HCR Racing make quality lifts and long travel suspension setups for the Can-Am Defender to help you break through the limitations of the factory components that come stock on the Can-Am Defender. And although Can-Am Defender long travel kits are not necessary for all off-road applications, the benefits they provide to mudders and trail riders are copious! So if you’ve been thinking about adding a long travel kit to your Defender, don’t hesitate a moment longer and pick up the perfect something from Everything Can-Am Offroad today!