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Miscellaneous Accessories

Aside from the major aftermarket accessories and UTV mods that every Can-am owner lusts over — bigger tires, lift kits, roofs, windshields, etc. — there are also many smaller accessories that can impact and improve both your side-by-side and your overall riding experience. It is with these small, idiosyncratic, accessories that you can really customize and retrofit your side-by-side so that it meets your every need. Tool holders, for instance, are useful for… you guessed it, holding tools. Quick-attach shovel holders, chainsaw scabbards, and axe mounts are popular, but name a tool and you’re sure to find a mount or bracket to easily attach it to the cab, cage, or bed of your Can-am Defender. Springs are another accessory that play a big role in the UTV, yet are underrated. If you’re plowing with a heavy blade, hauling heavy loads in the cargo bed, or are simply weighed down with a glut of aftermarket UTV accessories, upgrading your front and rear suspension with S3 springs can help carry those added lbs.

So you’ve got the SuperATV vented windshield, the Wild Boar bumper with LED pods, and a Can-am sport roof with a roof liner and a dome light… what else could you need, right? Be it for work purposes or for play, at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got both small and large UTV accessories that run the gamut in terms of usefulness, price, and straight up awesomeness. From electrical accessories like aftermarket distribution blocks and fuse panels to cockpit storage solutions attached to the roof, dash, or doors, you’re guaranteed to find the Can-am Defender accessory that you’re looking for no matter how minute or negligible it is. We’ve got seatbelt sensor override kits for those who’ve installed harness-style seat belts. We have cup holder accessories and dog-related accessories, hunting accessories and work-related accessories. Be it headache racks for added storage or an aftermarket digital gauge cluster for multi-functional use, where miscellaneous Can-am Defender accessories are concerned, we do it all!

31 products

31 products

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