Miscellaneous Accessories

Everything Can-Am Offroad has a vast array of Can-Am Defender accessories to cater to all your needs. You can choose from various miscellaneous options, including electric and powertrain accessories, and rest assured that you'll find the perfect fit for your side-by-side. The accessories come from a broad spectrum of manufacturers, ranging from well-known aftermarket makers to obscure component manufacturers. You can be confident that our selection has an accessory that will enhance the functionality of your Can-Am Defender. Shop with us today and take full advantage of our high-quality, affordable products. Our team of experts is always willing and ready to assist you in choosing the right accessory for your Can-Am Defender. Experience the thrill of driving your side-by-side like never before by adding the perfect accessory from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

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From Can-Am Defender grab handles and number plates to beveled washers, boot clamps, and other Can-Am Defender miscellaneous accessories, if you can’t find the side-by-side products you’re looking for, you must not be looking at Everything Can-Am Offroad! Our selection of Miscellaneous Can-Am Defender accessories is huge, and if you add on all the miscellaneous Can-Am Defender parts and components we sell, you could spend a lifetime browsing our offerings and still not see it all. Folks come to Everything Can-Am Offroad for more than just a wide variety of Can-Am Defender accessories though. On top of having knowledgeable staff that can quickly match your needs with an exact product line, Everything Can-Am Offroad is also known for our incredible prices, rebates, and warranties on items ranging from winches and windshields to snow plows and sound bars. So if you’ve had bad experiences with doggy dealerships and cheap Chinese parts in the past, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised with the misc. Can-Am Defender accessories you take home from Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Misc. accessories like our Can-Am Defender grab handles are extremely popular. Companies like Seizmik, PRP, and QuadBoss all make exceptinall rubber-grip grab handles, steel-grip grab handles, and paracord-grip grab handles for the roll bars of any Can-Am Defender. These aftermarket UTV handles generally wrap around segments of the vehicle’s ROPS using velcro, allowing riders to hold on better and stabilize themselves on bumpy terrain, curvy roads, and during quick stops / rapid accelerations. Some grab handles are multi-purpose, like the Can-Am Defender lighted grab handle by PRP Seats. Not only does this item allow you to see where you need to reach to grasp the handle in low-visibility situations, but it can also act as a dome light of sorts to illuminate the inside of your vehicle’s cabin! Although they’re popular, grab handles are but one of the many misc. Can-Am Defender accessories we offer at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Some other Can-Am Defender misc. accessories that sell well at Everything Can-Am Offroad include our Can-Am Defender zip-tie sets by Custom Dynamics. Unlike standard zip-ties, these 6” or 8” zip-tie fasteners come with a unique chrome plating that adds both strength and wear-resistance to the zip-ties. You can use them to clean up stretches of wire clusters after installing lights or sound systems, or wrap them around your cage to secure items either permanently or temporarily. On top of their robust zip-tie products, the UTV firm Custom Dynamics also makes miscellaneous Can-Am Defender lighting accessories like their Magic Spots unit. You can change the Magic Spots light to the amber setting and use it as a turn signal blinker, set it to red and run it as a rear brake light, or place it under your license plate with the white light setting so that it illuminates your Can-Am Defender license plate! With this and many more miscellaneous lighting, electrical, and performance accessories for the Can-Am Defender, you’ll have each and every one of your UTV-related needs met by shopping at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Some of the more obscure miscellaneous Can-Am Defender accessories we offer include products like snubber replacements for gun, bow, and utility racks, threaded bungs and tubing adapters for steering and link bars, and Can-Am Defender bump-stop cans to limit the suspension travel to prevent damage. If these don’t do it for you, we also carry miscellaneous accessories for the Can-Am Defender like multi-colored cube light lenses, side mirror housing inserts, and mobile device holders for your phone, tablet, or MP3 player. When in doubt, Everything Can-Am Offroad will help you figure it out!

With the advent of the internet, it has become increasingly easy to find big-ticket UTV accessories like doors, roofs, windshields, and tires. However some of the smaller miscellaneous Can-Am Defender accessories, parts, components, and kits can still be a bit tricky to locate. And once you find what you think you’re after, you must also make sure that the accessory is not only compatible with Can-Am UTVs, but your particular model, year, and edition of the Can-Am Defender as well. But with the professional assistance of Everything Can-Am Offroad, you’ll not only be able to locate and procure the correct Can-Am Defender accessory for the job, but you’ll also be able to get help installing your accessories, setting up your accessories, and adjusting your accessoires. So don’t hesitate to browse our site or reach out via phone, message, or email if you have any questions or concerns!

Aside from the major aftermarket accessories and UTV mods that every Can-am owner lusts over — bigger tires, lift kits, roofs, windshields, etc. — there are also many smaller accessories that can impact and improve both your side-by-side and your overall riding experience. It is with these small, idiosyncratic, accessories that you can really customize and retrofit your side-by-side so that it meets your every need. Tool holders, for instance, are useful for… you guessed it, holding tools. Quick-attach shovel holders, chainsaw scabbards, and axe mounts are popular, but name a tool and you’re sure to find a mount or bracket to easily attach it to the cab, cage, or bed of your Can-am Defender. Springs are another accessory that play a big role in the UTV, yet are underrated. If you’re plowing with a heavy blade, hauling heavy loads in the cargo bed, or are simply weighed down with a glut of aftermarket UTV accessories, upgrading your front and rear suspension with S3 springs can help carry those added lbs.

So you’ve got the SuperATV vented windshield, the Wild Boar bumper with LED pods, and a Can-am sport roof with a roof liner and a dome light… what else could you need, right? Be it for work purposes or for play, at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got both small and large UTV accessories that run the gamut in terms of usefulness, price, and straight up awesomeness. From electrical accessories like aftermarket distribution blocks and fuse panels to cockpit storage solutions attached to the roof, dash, or doors, you’re guaranteed to find the Can-am Defender accessory that you’re looking for no matter how minute or negligible it is. We’ve got seatbelt sensor override kits for those who’ve installed harness-style seat belts. We have cup holder accessories and dog-related accessories, hunting accessories and work-related accessories. Be it headache racks for added storage or an aftermarket digital gauge cluster for multi-functional use, where miscellaneous Can-am Defender accessories are concerned, we do it all!

In the grand scheme of things, you may not have everything that you thought you did or that you thought you needed for your UTV and those extra things, that’s what you will find here. These miscellaneous accessories are the things that you thought about adding at some point in time to your Can-Am Defender or Can Am Defender MAX but that you put aside and told yourself you would get later. Now that you are here you are going to be blown away by the number of things that you really need for your side by side that you didn’t realize you needed until now. One of the great things about everything Can-Am Offroad is that as much as these parts may not have been mainline in your quest for upgrading converting and adding on to your Side by Side, they are all well-made parts and all deserve the right to be a part of the life that is your Can-Am Defender’s life. All of those UTV Aftermarket accessories decided to congregate here to challenge you to not go wild and simply get everything that you have ever thought you needed for your machine, but, well, you could if you want to.

Accessorize your utility vehicle to create a more unique look and get better usage from otherwise unused areas. With many different accessories to choose from, your machine can be unique from anyone else’s. Adding custom accessories can also give you and your passengers a better riding experience. At Everything Can-Am Offroad, the accessories that we supply are durable and of the highest quality. You can get a Windshield Cleaner for Polycarbonate Windshields for your Can-Am Defender or a Black OPS On-The-Go UTV Tool Kit for your Can-Am Defender MAX. We also supply must-have accessories like 4 Inch by 3 Inch UTV Registration Plates, 6 Bolt Universal Quick Release Steering Wheel Adapters (hub not included) and 2 Inch Contrast Shifter Knobs. You can further customize the look of your rig by selecting the styles and colors that will complement it. Get miscellaneous accessories for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.