Mobility Equipment Accessories

Everything Can-Am Offroad provides mobility equipment accessories for the Can-Am Defender and Defender MAX to help individuals with disabilities enjoy their favorite activities. Our products include mobility equipment racks and ramps that are ideal for power wheelchairs and mobility scooters, and hitch-mounted mobility equipment carriers that can easily be attached or detached from the machine's 2 hitch receiver. Our mobility equipment carriers can also be conveniently folded up. With the Can-Am Defender mobility equipment products from Everything Can-Am Offroad, individuals can manage their mobility equipment without hassle. Do not let a disability hold you back from doing what you love. Visit us today and explore our range of mobility equipment accessories for Can-Am Defender and Defender MAX.

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Defender Mobility Equipment Accessories?

Can-Am Defender Mobility Equipment Accessory Types


You should initiate your selection process with a keen focus on carriers since these are designed to help you use your Defender more easily.

It’s best to opt for models that not only exhibit exceptional durability but also seamlessly integrate with your Defender. 

They should be capable of accommodating the specific dimensions and weight of your mobility devices, such as power chairs and scooters, ensuring secure and stable transportation.


Ramp selection is equally as critical. Your choice here should align with your unique loading needs, be it a basic mechanical ramp or a more technologically advanced powered option. 

The ideal ramp should facilitate the smooth and safe transition of mobility devices, considering both the height of your Can-Am Defender and the varying terrains you might encounter.

Choose between pivoting ramps, telescoping ramps, folding ramps, automatic ramps, and manual ramps.

Wheelchair Integration Accessories

Wheelchair integration demands special attention for those who require it to even use the Defender.

The good this is that the Can-Am Defender allows for various customization options, including adaptable seating and innovative platform lifts. 

Therefore, these solutions aim to strike a balance between comfort and the thrill of the ride.


Choose racks that effectively organize and accommodate different types of aids and equipment, such as walkers or camping essentials, without compromising the vehicle's space or accessibility. 

A thorough understanding of your storage needs is crucial in this decision-making process, especially if space within your Can-Am Defender is limited.

Weight Capacity and Compatibility

Considering the weight capacity and compatibility of your accessories with the Can-Am Defender is fundamental if you want to make all the right choices.

Ensure that your chosen carriers, ramps, and racks are not only capable of supporting the weight of your mobility equipment but also align with the load-bearing capabilities of the Defender. 

This balance is key to maintaining safety and operational integrity no matter where the road takes you.

Build Materials and Durability

At last, material choice significantly affects both the durability and functionality of your accessories and your entire setup.

Options range from aluminum, known for its lightweight strength and corrosion resistance, to the rugged durability of steel. The chosen material should augment the accessory's function while harmonizing with the performance dynamics of your Defender.

Some are willing to pay extra for carbon fiber and other more exotic materials, but these are known to be a bit too excessive for most.

Smart Features

Innovative features in mobility equipment are also worth exploring because they will introduce you to the 21st-century technology within the Can-Am Defender mobility equipment accessories realm.

Features that resonate with the adventurous spirit of the Can-Am Defender, such as collapsible designs for convenient storage, UV-resistant coatings for enhanced durability, and integrated LED lighting for improved visibility, can greatly enrich your experience. 

All in all, these features should be selected based on how they complement your specific usage and preferences.