Mounts, Grills, Visors & Billets

Everything Can-Am Offroad offers a variety of mounting plates, billete mounts, and accessories for your Can-Am Defender. Keep the sun out of your eyes with a sun visor, dirt out of your radiator with a grille, and your accessories sound and secure with the perfect mount. We offer a range of sizes and styles, so you'll find the precise mount, grill, visor, or billete for any occasion. Whether you're looking for a winch mount, gun mount, radio mount, or chainsaw mount, we've got you covered. Our products are designed to keep your Can-Am Defender protected and make your off-road adventures more enjoyable. Shop our selection of Can-Am Defender accessories today and take your off-roading experience to the next level!

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When determining which accessories to purchase for your UTV, it’s important to focus on the details. Whether you’re considering durability or aesthetics, the details will determine which parts are the cream of the crop while others are complete junk. Can-Am Defenders are the perfect platform for customization. They deliver top-of-the-line reliability and engine performance at an affordable price without inhibiting the aftermarket’s ability to offer an extensive array of parts for customization. If you want to help your UTV rise up as the cream of the crop, then you’ll need to focus on the details. The best way to visually and mechanically improve your machine is to be selective with your Can-Am mounts, grills, visors, and billets. These small parts will collectively make a big difference in your personalization process. Everything Can-Am Offroad is proud to offer a vast lineup of Can-Am Defender mounts and other accessories to help you create your ideal side-by-side.

Most accessories in this category will be made of some form of billet material. Billet material is renowned for delivering extreme strength and durability in a lightweight form. It’s also quite easy to shape, making it a versatile material. This is great news for UTV enthusiasts because it means we can enjoy an extensive selection of Can-Am Defender mounts, brackets, and clamps of all sorts. In other words, it’s easy to customize your machine with an affordable collection of accessories to help your Can-Am Defender reign as top dog in all weather conditions and terrains.

When shopping for your next Can-Am Defender grill, it is important to remember grills serve both mechanical and visual functions. Whether you believe form follows function, or vice-versa, you need to consider what a grill does for your UTV. Obviously, we want them to look good because they help form the “face” of our machine, and we want to have a good smile for the cameras when we’re on the podium. However, with a focus on aesthetics often comes neglect for proper protection. Your Can-Am Defender grill should serve as a protective screen against unwanted debris. The grill is the first line of defense that prevents rocks, bugs, sticks, and other debris from hitting the mechanical and electrical components your machine requires to function properly, so your next Cam-Am Defender grill will need to be protective and durable. Thankfully, modern manufacturing processes allow engineers to create lightweight grills that are extremely tough and protective while also being highly customizable for a touch of personalization.

One accessory that is often forgotten is a good set of Can-Am Defender visors. Visors protect your eyes from both glare and debris, so you’ll want to make sure your visors offer the level of protection you need. We have Can-Am Defender visors that offer a universal fit as well as model-specific visors that have aesthetics more in line with the utilitarian persona of the Defender. Some of our visors have built-in mirrors while others are purely for sun protection and debris deflection. We carry Can-Am Defender visors of all types to help you customize your machine to your preferred specifications for improved performance and a bit of customization.

Finally, we have the most important category of all - Can-Am Defender mounts. No matter what you want to secure to your machine, we have a mount to help you improve organization and add a touch of personal styling to your UTV. Can-Am Defender flag mounts are great for those who want to represent their favorite teams. We have an extensive catalog of Can-Am Defender light bar clamps, tool mounts, and gun mounts to help you get the job done when others have to turn around. We carry Can-Am Defender mounts for phones as well as general use bed clamps. We even carry Can-Am Defender spare tire mounts. Like we said, we have all types of mounts to meet your needs.

Can-Am Defenders are high-performance UTVs that get the job done and look good doing it. They are great all-around machines, and they are ready-made to be customized to suit each owner’s specific needs. The best way for you to separate your Defender from the pack is to focus on the details. Everything Can-Am Offroad carries a wide variety of Can-Am Defender mounts, grills, visors, and billets to help you personalize your side-by-side at an affordable price. Let our knowledgeable staff help you select your perfect collection of accessories today!

When riders upgrade their UTV’s it is easy to forget in the excitement about things like UTV mounts. But they are a crucial part of the process when it comes to installing your new UTV aftermarket accessory. Here at Everything Can-Am Offroad we carry a wide assortment of UTV mounts, UTV grills, UTV visors, and UTV billets, custom made and fitted for your Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender MAX!

Many customizations can be made to your UTV to truly make it your own. One of the simplest and most common ways to update your look and usage is with mounts. They allow you to assign locations for all of your favorite tools and accessories, give you quick and easy access to them and keep them secure while you ride so they won’t get lost. The mounting options we have for your machine are endless at Everything Can-Am Offroad. You can get a Rugged “Y” Strap OG Spare Tire Rack for your Can-Am Defender or a Colored Bezel Ghost Tinted Sun Visor to keep the glare out of your eyes while you ride in your Can-Am Defender MAX. We also supply various large and small cellphone and GPS mounts so you can keep your most valuable items close. Get mounts, grills, visors, and billets for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

These mount options include flag mounts fire, extinguisher mounts, accessory mounts which include mounts for your soundbars and light bars. The grill that you choose for your Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender MAX is more than a statement piece, it is an added layer of protection in most cases for your radiator. we have a wide variety of grills for you to choose from when it comes to that.   As for the visors that we carry you will find the perfect match for your machine here.  the UTV aftermarket visor that you choose to add to your side by side will protect you from the glare of the sun and from flying projectiles of which you have no control over. Given them the importance of their jobs and even as simple as they seem, the visor that you choose for your machine has to be both a strong or as near as strong as your windshield.  if you have just begun your journey of customizing your UTV then one of the things that you can look at adding to the dashboard of your Can-Am Defender is a new set of billets.  The billets that we carry will add the touch of style that you are looking for for your beast.

It doesn’t have to be a headache trying to find the right UTV grill or visor for your Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender MAX. We have taken the guesswork out of searching for the right part that fits your UTV and only offer you the highest quality UTV aftermarket accessories. Now all you have to do is buy it, install it and get back to doing the thing you love best – riding your Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender MAX out on the trails!