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Oil Change/Fluids/Filters

Whether you're servicing your side-by-side post break-in period or flushing out water / mud after a rough day on the trail, you can find the best Can-Am Defender oils, filters, and fluids right here at Everything Can-Am Offroad. Some people change the oil and gear box fluid in their Can-Am Defender every 100 hours, and the front differential fluid / spark plugs every 200 hours, while others do all their fluids at the end of each riding season. But if you're working your machine hard with things like cultivator implements, seeders, and other attachments, you'll need to change the gear box oil more often. For just trail riding, you don't need to change the gear box fluids as often -- unless you're mudding -- and many riders who use their Defender to plow snow change their gear box oil couple times throughout winter. The gear box in the Can-Am defender has no filter, so the oil becomes polluted fairly fast if you're riding in the high rpm range for extended periods of time. Its not like a road rig where your transmission has a filter in the pan. And at the end of the day, transmission fluid for the Can-Am Defender is relatively cheap, and no machine will ever complain about getting new fluid before its scheduled service interval. So whether you're looking for transmission fluid, differential fluid, or a complete Can-Am Defender fluid kit, we've got you covered with everything you need here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Oil color isn't necessarily an indication of performance, and it's not uncommon to find metal shavings in your oil -- especially right after the break-in period. The oil in your Defender cushions the gear contact areas and keeps the gears and bearings cool. Ideally, a properly designed, properly assembled transmission, gear box, and differential with quality oil shouldn't have any metallic residue. But add a bit of water to the mix as well as a few hard shifts, and metal shavings will occur. So the more abuse you put your machine through, the better the oil quality and more frequent the oil changes need to be. Getting a full fluid change package for the Can-Am Defender can be cheaper than buying each type of fluid individually. But if you only need to change your differential fluid, your engine oil, or your transaxle gear oil, we've got full synthetic 5W-40 oil, XPS oil, and premium side-by-side fluids from companies like ZBroz Racing, Maxima, and others. Take care of your investment with the oils, filters, and fluids from Everything Can-Am Offroad and it will take care of you in return!