Portal Gear Lifts

Upgrade your Can-Am Defender with a portal gear lift to achieve the power and ground clearance you desire. Adding larger tires to your Defender can result in a loss of power, but a portal gear lift is the solution. This upgrade reduces gearing and allows for larger tires without impacting torque. The result is a vehicle with the ability to pull like a tractor and even wheelie through seat-deep water. With a Can-Am Defender portal gear lift, any model can become a completely different machine. Don't let limited tire size hold you back, upgrade your machine with a Can-Am Defender portal gear lift today. Find the lift kit that's right for you by clicking the link provided.

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Older gen 1 and gen 2 portals for the Can-Am Defender are solid, but the newest gen 3 portals for the Can-Am Defender come with things like vents, double idlers, and a stronger housing. Plus, with options such as no reduction, a 15% reduction, a 30% reduction, or even a 60% gear reduction, you can optimize your Can-Am Defender portal boxes for your model year as well as the type of riding you do. Portal gear lifts with a 45% gear reduction, for example, might be a little slow for fast trail riding, but they’ll make your rig bulletproof when it comes to mud and steep hills. Can-Am Defender portals with a 15% gear reduction, on the other hand, will give you a faster top speed, but won’t provide as much torque if you’re running 35”+ tires. It should also be noted that the Can-Am Defender XMR is geared lower from the factory, and thus requires a different gear reduction than other Defender editions. But whatever your speed requirements may be and regardless of the terrain conditions where you ride, it’s hard to go wrong with a Can-Am Defender portal gear lift from Everything Can-Am Offroad!