Power Steering Kits

If you are experiencing any power steering problems with your Can-Am Defender, Everything Can-Am Offroad can help. It's important to address any issues with your power steering system to prevent dangerous driving conditions. Adding fresh power steering fluid or upgrading to a brand new power steering kit from Everything Can-Am Offroad can greatly improve your vehicle's steering capabilities. Without power steering, a Can-Am Defender can be jerky and difficult to operate. So whether you need a simple replacement of power steering fluid or a complete upgrade, Everything Can-Am Offroad has you covered. Invest in a reliable power steering system today to ensure a safe and comfortable driving experience.

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You bought your Can-Am Defender for a lot of different reasons but getting an arm workout wasn’t one of them. If you’ve been wondering why your arms are so sore after every ride, it’s probably because your Can-Am Defender’s power steering system is either faulty or completely broken. A lack of power steering for the Can-Am Defender is one of the most common gripes among owners. Some riders enjoy the challenge and sportiness of driving their Can-Am Defender without power steering, but most realize that effort saved struggling to turn your Can-Am Defender can be better used navigating or simply just enjoying the ride.  

A good Can-Am Defender electric power steering system sure does make a hell of a difference on those long days riding through winding and bumpy trails. If you don’t notice your stock or aftermarket Can-Am Defender’s power steering working, it’s likely not. Trust us, the difference between power steering and no power steering is night and day. If the power steering on your Can-Am Defender feels like it has shut off or is unresponsive, check the fuse under the front panel or hood. There should be two plugs to the left of the fuse box that have maxi fuses in them. They require 10 amp fuses, but if you’re in a pinch on the trail you should be able to put a 15 amp fuse in there temporarily. So, if you’re looking for effortless turning, reduced bump steer, or want to ride trails for hours on end in your Can-Am Defender without your arms feeling like they’re going to fall off, look no further than the Can-Am Defender power steering kits and replacement parts from Everything Can-Am Offroad!

As you can see choosing the right power steering kit or stock power steering replacement for your Can-Am Defender is an intricate process. Knowing the capabilities of your vehicle or the vehicle that you are considering purchasing is an important part of deciding which electric power steering system is best. While SuperATV leads the charge in this category there are many other brands that produce quality UTV aftermarket power steering kits available for your Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender Max. What you need to know about Super ATV is that they have invested years and years into innovation and design and you can rest assured that every aspect of the parts that they make is closely monitored for quality. While most of the UTV parts and accessories that they make are on the higher end of the price range, you will find a Can-Am Defender power steering system here that suits your pocket, and if the price is no option, then of course go for the best!

What we can say for sure is that all of the UTV parts and accessories that we carry here will do their jobs and will go above and beyond your expectations for your Can-Am Defender. The first time you set out in your Can-Am Defender with a new electric power steering system, you will feel a world of difference and wonder why you never made the upgrade sooner. The decision remains with you and with knowing what is best for your Can-Am Defender. Whether you go for a Can-Am Defender stock power steering replacement kit or go all out on a fancy new aftermarket Can-Am Defender power steering upgrade, you won’t regret it!

It doesn’t matter what kind of Can-am Defender you own or are considering, good running power steering in your side-by-side is a must for most riders. While Some Can-am Defenders come with stock power steering, you can get a new HD10 or HD8 without power steering for almost $2,500 cheaper than the DPS model. Even if money isn’t an issue, you still might want to think about getting the Convenience Package HD8 — which has a lockable/unlockable rear differential and has the removable store on the dash that the base machine doesn’t — and adding aftermarket Can-am Defender power steering later. Test drive one with and without power steering and you’ll see how big of a difference the ride quality is. And if you factor in the price of a power steering kit plus installation costs, you’re still going to be under the cost of the same UTV that comes with power steering from the factory. SuperATV makes a great power steering unit that comes in two different power wattage options — both of which are comparable, if not better, than stock power steering. You may not be able to turn by blowing on your steering wheel, but you’ll definitely be able to move the wheel with your pinky while not moving sitting on 42” tires. The only downside is that you might not be able to feel any binding in the steering rack when turning, which can lead to cracked steering racks if you’re not cognizant.

The right Can-Am Defender power steering kit can drastically reduce your steering efforts and give you a smoother, more comfortable riding experience. When tackling the most unforgiving trails, you don’t want to be constantly struggling with your steering wheel to get your Can-Am Defender to move in the direction you want it to go. Can-Am Defender electric power steering kits from Everything Can-Am Offroad are the perfect way to customize your ride to suit your needs. You can get high-quality power steering kits for your Can-Am Defender and your Can-Am Defender MAX. Revel in increased performance with minimal effort. The kits that we supply promise a sealed input and output shaft and control box that guarantees the safety of the circuit board in the harshest off-road conditions. They are easy to install and are of great quality and will last you for years to come. Get Can-Am Defender power steering kits for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad today!