Prop Shafts

A misaligned propeller shaft in a Can-Am Defender can cause vibrations and damage to the drivetrain components if not fixed in time. This can be caused by old, worn-out, or broken u-joints. To prevent further damage, it is important to seek a suitable Can-Am Defender drive shaft solution. At Everything Can-Am Offroad, we offer a range of options to correct any prop-shaft-related problem. Don't let a small issue turn into a big one, consult us to learn about the best solution for your Can-Am Defender.

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If your Can-am Defender prop shaft twisted in half, or if your Can-Am Defender prop shaft is out of phase and misaligned, it might be time for a new one. While many riders would rather have Can-Am Defender drive shaft problems than the proverbial Polaris Ranger turf mode or snorkel gear issue that nearly drove Ranger Crew owners to the poor house, it is still a frustrating experience to suffer through Can-Am Defender drive shaft issues. Sure you can throw a factory-style drive shaft back into your Defender at any time, it’s not an extremely hard thing to do. Just take a 13mm swivel socket and use a small punch after you take the nut off and tap it with a small hammer or mallet. If you have an impact driver and a wrench on the other side of the Can-Am Defender drive shaft nut, it’ll take less than a half minute to do. But if these Chinese-made factory Can-Am Defender drive shafts just don’t pass muster with you, there are other options out there. Whatever you’re after, though, be it Can-Am Defender propeller shaft components like tapered drive shaft boots, 20-spline drive shaft yokes, and drive shaft dust protectors, a Can-Am Defender front drive shaft for your HD10 MAX XT, or a Can-Am Defender rear drive shaft for your old-school Can-Am Defender, we’ve got it all and loads more at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

While you can probably visit your local driveline specialist to get a Can-Am Defender prop shaft fabbed up and balanced so that it’s the right length for your buggy, specialized side-by-side companies like Turner Offroad will build you a drive shaft or repair your old propeller shaft so that it’s optimized for the rigors of the roughest country around. You can send in your Can-Am Defender prop shaft via FedEx, UPS, or the USPS, or drop it off and get it back within a few days or so. But if these custom Can-Am Defender drive shafts and drive shaft services are a bit too exorbitant for your liking, a host of other UTV part manufacturers make aftermarket Can-Am Defender drive shafts which are stronger and more durable than the factory unit — which often underperforms on souped up machines and even on factory Defender editions like the XMR because it comes stock with many mud-ready accessories. Pulling heavy loads in reverse can sometimes result in Can-Am Defender prop shaft damage, but consistent riding over rocks, stumps, and other in-field hazards will also tax your Can-Am Defender drive shaft components over long periods of time.

In order to effectively deliver power from the tranny to the diffs, your Can-Am Defender prop shafts need to be hard, strong, and straight as an arrow. But the drive shafts on your vehicle don’t act in isolation. The U-joints on your Can-Am Defender propeller shafts are important, and so too is the carrier bearing. And while some owners of the single-cab Defender model choose to do a carrier bearing delete, others find that the Can-Am Defender carrier bearing is crucial to both hold the drive shaft in place as well as lessen the vibrations of both the prop shafts and the axles. So even if you upgrade your Can-Am Defender prop shaft in a bid to achieve a calmer ride, you might also need to upgrade your Can-Am Defender carrier bearing as well.

The complete Rhino Shaft and Carrier Bearing Kit by SuperATV is a solid option to go with, but take note that the SATV prop shaft kit doesn’t come with a carrier bearing -- you have to get it separately. If you replace the Can-Am Defender two-piece drive shaft with a single prop shaft, a carrier bearing might be superfluous, and if you go with a Rhino Driveline Shaft from SuperATV, you’ll be getting a unit made from 4130 chromoly tubing that is not only a half-inch thicker than the stock Can-Am Defender drive shaft in total diameter, but also has shaft walls that measure .120 inches compared to the .088-inch walls on factory Can-Am Defender prop shafts.

A few more things to consider with aftermarket Can-Am Defender prop shafts are the contiguous driveline components. If you’re riding hard and do a maneuver that would have otherwise broken a stock Can-Am Defender prop shaft, you might just break something in the transmission or differential. And this begs the question, would you rather break a prop shaft, or a diff? Nevertheless, if you’ve also upgraded your Can-Am Defender front differential to something a little more robust, you won’t be under the thumb of this off-road ultimatum. So upgrade your diffs today and get a beefed-up aftermarket Can-Am Defender prop shaft to go along with it from Everything Can-Am Offroad!

In the off-road world, the powersports proverb “you have to pay to play” proves true time and time again. But sometimes, things break when you’re doing basic stuff — like busting a drive shaft while pulling out your buddy’s stuck Polaris in reverse. If you’ve been sticking to your daily meditation practices, you might be patient enough to wait for a replacement Can-am Defender drive shaft. But if you need to get your UTV up and running ASAP, here’s a little tip from Everything Can-Am Offroad. Go to your local machine shop with accurate measurements and get some heavy wall tubing. Have them attach the factory joints and yokes and you’ve got yourself a heavy duty drive shaft that is ready for action. Just make sure you have the right length so you can put it back in without having to unbolt the front differential. Yes it’s frustrating when drive shaft issues occur in the Can-am Defender, but that’s the name of the game. Just know that we here at Everything Can-Am Offroad are here to help. So shoot us a line or give us a call and we’ll sort you out before you can say Everything Can-Am Offroad!

We really want to know the story behind how you broke your prop shaft, however, we will settle for the fact that you are here and that you do need to replace your prop shaft with a new one. if you do not know the role of the prop shaft in the life of your UTV then let us share this with you. without your prop shaft you literally cannot drive your Can-Am Defender anywhere. You need to have the strongest part of your machine working at its optimum. A broken or bent or damaged prop shaft simply cannot do this. Your machine will immediately lose power because as it is a conductor for torque and also because it is the distributor for the power that your machine thrives on you cannot expect your machine to then operate at its best with a damaged prop shaft. The UTV aftermarket prop shafts that we carry are among the best. They are simply strong without being too heavy. They are built by some of the best brands in the UTV aftermarket industry and ideally, are not a part that you change often. choose from any of the prop shops that you see here to add to your Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender Max to get back to the trails that you love in as little time as possible.

One of the upgrades that are on top of the list for real badass riders is replacing their stock prop shaft. Drivers that prefer rock crawling, sand dunes and the harder trails with muddy pits understand that they need top-quality parts that will greatly improve their machine’s performance. Heavy-duty prop shafts from Everything Can-Am Offroad are exactly what they’re looking for. You can get front and rear prop shafts for your Can-Am Defender or your Can-Am Defender MAX that can elevate your performance and conquer the stress of the tough trails and your boosted, high horsepower machine. You can replace your old, worn-out prop shafts with powerful and durable prop shafts that are specially made to withstand whatever you put it through. Why wait any longer? Get prop shafts for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.