Rack and Pinions

Everything Can-Am Offroad provides a range of solutions for Can-Am Defender rack and pinion issues. Whether you need Can-Am Defender rack and pinion bushings, rebuild kits, or complete upgrades, we have got you covered. We stock aftermarket Can-Am Defender steering racks, replacement pinion gears, and various rack and pinion products that fit every Can-Am Defender model in the market. With our products, you can improve your Can-Am Defender's handling, reduce steering effort, and maintain better control over rough terrain. Our rack and pinion kits are constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring they can withstand extreme conditions and last longer. So if you're looking for reliable and efficient Can-Am Defender rack and pinion components, check out our wide selection today!

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If you’ve got hella slack in your rack and your steering system is loose, sloppy, or barely responsive, it is likely time to upgrade your Can-am Defender rack and pinion. Many Can-Am Defender riders reach out to us with frustrations regarding their machine’s steering rack and / or pinion gear, and we tell them that experiencing broken steering components like racks and pinions is leaps and bounds better than a broken transmission. Not only are Can-Am Defender rack and pinion problems much cheaper to solve, but the work required to install replacement Can-Am Defender rack and pinions is much less intensive. So regardless of whether you’re in search of Can-Am Defender rack and pinion bushings, or a Can-Am Defender rack and pinion rebuild kit, we’ve got everything from Can-Am Defender rack and pinion setups to Can-Am Defender rack and pinion assemblies available at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

It should be emphasized that Can-am Defender steering racks are designed and constructed specifically for the 26”-27” tires that come stock on the vehicle. So when you throw on a set of heavy 40” mudders with gnarly tread and steel rims, the additional weight and extra torsional forces exerted on the steering system are a lot for the Can-Am Defender rack and pinion to handle. For this reason, many UTV owners bring a spare Can-Am Defender steering rack along with them when riding… just in case. And while factory rack and pinion replacements do work, you really ought to look into billet Can-Am Defender steering racks. Alternatively, if your steering is not as tight as you would like it to be but you don’t want to mess around with your steering rack, a set of aftermarket a-arm bushings by a side-by-side firm like Garage Products will help to adjust the tie rods of your UTV and firm the steering up a bit.

In some instances, the steering issues you’re experiencing might not stem from your Can-Am Defender rack or pinion setup, but rather, from the U-joints between the power steering unit and the rack and pinion. These steering U-joints are commonly called mid steering shafts or lower steering shafts, and like wheel bearings, they are notorious for wearing out. This is due, in large part, to the amount of grease that is applied at the factory. Instead of coating the mid and lower Can-Am Defender steering shafts with grease internally, the techs at the BRB factory only put a small dab of grease on them. So if you don’t require a full-blown Can-Am Defender rack and pinion replacement but instead only a mid or lower steering shaft, companies like GMB can hook you up with whatever your rig calls for!

In addition to the TCP billet steering rack for the Can-Am Defender, we also offer other Can-Am Defender steering rack and pinion products at Everything Can-Am Offroad like rack braces, tie rods, and Can-Am Defender heavy duty rack and pinion systems. Some companies offer rebuild services to augment your stock rack with upgraded internals, grease zerks, rack bushings, and rack braces. Like the bulletproof DX billet rack by TCP, these upgraded steering racks are way more solid than the factory Can-Am Defender rack and pinion. Because of this, however, you’ll likely start bending / folding stock-style tie rods due to the fact there isn’t as much play in upgraded Can-Am Defender steering racks. So if you do opt for a reinforced or billet rack and pinion, make sure to get stronger aftermarket tie rods to go along with it!

From Can-Am Defender HD8 rack and pinion kits to Can-Am Defender rack and pinion upgrades for the MAX and PRO editions of the Can-Am Defender, quit struggling to source what you need and come to Everything Can-Am Offroad for all of your vehicle’s rack and pinion necessities! Compared to the stock Can-Am Defender rack, which weighs in at just five pounds, the upgraded rack and pinion setup by TCP weighs sixteen pounds! Based on this fact alone, it is clear that aftermarket rack and pinion options for the Can-Am Defender are far superior than their factory counterparts. So if your rack and pinion has so much play in it that you can barely keep your rig on the trail, or if you’ve modified your machine with portal gears, 12-ply mud tires, and performance engine parts and are afraid of breaking a rack or pinion gear on the trail, you can fix current issues and prevent future issues from ever arising with the aftermarket Can-Am Defender rack and pinions and other steering products from Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Sometimes, the Can-am Defender rack just breaks, and there’s nothing you can do about it other than swap it out with a replacement. You can bust the housing or you can fracture the rack along its width, and if you’re like most people, you probably want a long-term solution, not just a bandaid to get you through the weekend. While steering stops can definitely help, aftermarket steering racks and pinions are a route that many Can-am owners choose. Companies like Performance Fabrication & Machining make a great billet rack for the Can-am Defender, which is stronger and more durable than the OEM rack. But whatever you choose for your Defender, know that we here at Everything Can-Am Offroad are riders ourselves. And if you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to reach out and we’ll steer you in the right direction!

The set of rack and pinions that you want, ideally, on your UTV should be strong, they should be resilient, and they should be able to deliver the performance that they start delivering from the time of installation, years from now. Every component that you add to your Can-Am defender or Can-Am Defender MAX should we be of the highest quality that your money can buy. when it comes to drive components you should not compromise on quality at all. Your machine deserves UTV aftermarket parts that will stand the test of time especially since they are constantly tested by the terrain and the driving that they are put through. when it comes to your steering, this is the first line of connection to control that you have over your UTV there for every single component that contributes to or works in tandem with your steering wheel needs to be the best. Luckily, you have chosen to come to us and we only handle the best. we handle the best parts and therefore the best brands. What makes for the best brand you ask? Years of evidence of consistently creating quality parts and still having the drive to continue innovating to make sure that the parts that you add to your machine are the best you can have.

With all the upgrades that can be made to improve your steering system, getting a better rack and pinion for your rig is a great place to start. A good rack and pinion can handle the strain inflicted on your machine from the monster tires and lift kit you’ve added. It can also handle tougher trails better without causing expensive or irreparable damage to your steering system or machine. A new rack and pinion awaits you at Everything Can-Am Offroad. You can get rack and pinions for your Can-Am Defender or your Can-Am Defender MAX that can get you through the killer trails with more power and improved handling. A new heavy-duty rack and pinion is a long-lasting investment that you won’t regret. They are durable and well-made to prevent cracks to your housing at high-stress times. Get a rack and pinion for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.