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When it comes to keeping the engine cool in your UTV, a properly functioning Can-am Defender radiator is critical. And while some people have been hood deep in the muck and guck and come out with their radiator looking golden, others get their radiators caked up and clogged with mud and dirt without even seeking out the slop. As a preventative measure, you can backwash the radiator and ensure that the radiator coolant is good. Further, you can spray it with a degreaser like SC1 a few times and washed it out to ensure proper airflow. You may have to pull your radiator and clean it with AC coil cleaner. You may think that your Can-am radiator is clean.. but wait till you pull it. We’ve seen riders with radiators so packed with mud that the radiator block cracks. There’s a shroud around the radiator that you should remove while cleaning, which will make it a lot easier to clean in the future. It shouldn’t take more than about fifteen minutes to get it out. Start by removing the plastic tray under the hood and the clips holding the front corners on, then it’s just four bolts holding the radiator and the hose clamps.


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In some cases, you’re radiator may be completely busted and a new one is in order. Other times, radiator sensors and fans could be the issue, and a simple fix could solve all your problems. In a bid to keep the Can-am Defender radiator clean and dry, many UTV owners go with a radiator relocation kit. You can choose to relocate your radiator on the hood with a factory-looking mount, in the bed, or the place behind the cab where the snorkels are. But make sure it’s in a place that won’t blow hot air on you… unless you live in a cold area. Whether it’s a radiator relocation kit for your Can-am Defender, a completely new radiator or radiator components, or aftermarket accessories such as bash guards and mesh bumpers to protect the radiator and keep it clean, here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we’ve got it all!

Keep your engine cool with top-of-the-line radiators than help to improve your UTVs performance. When you’re pushing your engine beyond its limits, you want to ensure that it is well ventilated to avoid overheating, stalling, shut-downs and ultimately, engine failure. Keep the cool air flowing in and warm air flowing out of your engine for maximum performance. A high-quality radiator from Everything Can-Am Offroad will do the trick. You can get a brand new radiator for your 2020 Can-Am Defender and your 2020 Can-Am Defender MAX. The options that we carry are guaranteed to last for years to come as they are made from top-quality materials and tested to ensure high performance. We also supply radiator replacement kits that can protect the rough rider. Another benefit of the replacement kits is that it allows more air absorption with fewer accessories like grills, bumpers, and winches in the way. Get radiators for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

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