Get your hands on some Can-Am Defender ramps from Everything Can-Am Offroad to make loading and unloading your UTV effortless. With a range of options including arched, folding, and pivoting ramps that double as support, transporting your rig in the bed of a truck has never been easier. Say goodbye to wasting time and energy with difficult loading and unloading procedures and streamline the process with Can-Am Defender ramps. Don't hesitate, visit Everything Can-Am Offroad now and upgrade your UTV transport game.

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If you buckled your existing Can-Am Defender ramps mid-load, or if you’ve yet to pop on a set of Can-Am Defender loading ramps, we’ve got a variety of ramp solutions for you at Everything Can-Am Offroad! Some Can-Am Defender owners with lifted machines and large aftermarket tires are able to drive right up and onto their trailer without the need for ramps at all. For most riders, however, this just isn’t feasible. Plus, if you carry your buggy in the bed of your pickup or on an above-bed UTV deck, there’s no way to load your UTV other than with a Can-Am Defender ramp kit. If you move your Defender from place to place and are looking for the best UTV loading ramps around, don’t leave without checking out the amazing offerings available here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Although it might seem like any ramp will work for any UTV, the fact of the matter is that there are multiple different types, styles, and sizes of side-by-side ramps out there, and different setups will require different ramps for maximized ease and efficiency. For one, the weight rating of any prospective Can-Am Defender ramp kit is extremely important to know. If you get ramps that aren’t designed to carry the weight of your machine, they’ll likely cave in once the pressure of your bike is applied. A person with a bone-stock Can-Am Defender HD7 might be fine with a set of ramps designed to hold a maximum of 1,500 pounds (750 pounds each), but someone with a Can-Am Defender Pro Limited that has been loaded down with cargo and decked out with a snow plow kit, luggage racks, and a miscellany of other aftermarket accessories could easily exceed 3,000 Lbs, and thus require loading ramps with a higher weight rating. Furthermore, if you’re wanting to use your loading ramps for other vehicles such as tractors, lawn mowers, and farm equipment, it might be prudent to procure loading ramps capable of handling the heaviest machine you intend to load with them. Whatever the case may be, you’ll find exceptionally well-made Can-Am Defender ramps for any and all occasions here at Everything Can-Am Offroad! 

Strength is crucial, but in addition to steel UTV ramps and aluminum UTV ramps that are tough enough to support the weight of your machine, you might also want Can-Am Defender loading ramps that are portable. And for this, your best bet is either a tri-fold ramp or a set of bi-fold ramps. As their names would suggest, bi-fold and tri-fold ramps are foldable, which makes it easy to store them both during transit as well as in your garage or shed back home. Generally speaking, tri-fold Can-Am Defender ramps fold on the vertical axis, while bi-fold Can-Am Defender ramps fold on the horizontal axis. That being said however, some ramps for the Can-Am Defender fold both in the vertical axis and horizontal axis, while others can be disassembled / taken apart for effortless transport and trouble-free storage. 

Instead of using straight ramps, many riders opt for either arched Can-Am Defender ramps or s-curve Can-Am Defender ramps. Arched ramps for the Can-Am Defender like the ones by Moose allow riders to make the ascent / descent without having to worry about scraping the bottom of their machine. And even if your rig is lifted, loading and unloading with arched ramps is way easier and much less stressful! Are you able to get your Defender on a trailer without a ramp? Perhaps. But with amazing ramps available at fire-sale prices from Everything Can-Am Offroad, why would you even want to?

Can-Am Defender truck ramps and Can-Am Defender trailer ramps are great, but with a product like the Pivoting Ramp System by Mad-Ramps, you can get a two-in-one accessory that can be used to both load your rig and support it during transit! The Mad-Ramps Pivoting Ramp System for the Can-Am Defender utilizes your truck’s 2” hitch receiver as a mounting point, and it’s equipped with lights, turn signals, and markers to be 100% street legal in all 50 states! If you desire the convenience of a UTV deck but don’t want something that holds your bike too high, the Pivoting Ramp System by Mad-Ramps might be for you. And if not, there are plenty of other fish in the sea, and the selection of Can-Am Defender ramps on offer at Everything Can-Am Offroad will surely include something that’ll fulfill your every need!