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Replacement Parts

Be it on the trail or in your garage back home, having backup UTV parts on hand for your Can-Am defender can save you both time and money as well as spare you from the stress and headache that comes from downtime or stranded with a non-functioning miles from civilization. Some Can-am Defender riders pack replacement parts with them when they ride, while others keep the shelves of their grades and sheds loaded with spare parts. Brake pads are among the most commonly replaces parts UTVs, and the Can-am Is no exception. This is why man Defender owners — especially those who expose their UTVs brake pads to mud, water, and grit — often run brass brake pads like those by Wild Boar. Like brake pads, here at Everything Can-Am Offroad we also carry a wide variety of OEM replacements and aftermarket side-by-side parts such as axles, XMR snorkel kits, belts, any bearings, front diffs, and even oil change kits. We have plenty of Defender parts in stock and ready to ship! So if you’re looking for replacement reflectors for your UTV’s tail lights or upgraded and tapered roller bearings — as opposed to the round caged bearings that came stock — whatever the part that needs replaced, we’ve got it.

From replacement Tie Rods complete from rack to knuckle by side-by-side parts providers such as CT Raceworx, to replacement UTV batteries that fit correctly in the stock battery trey, sometimes, finding a Can-am Defender replacement part is easier said than done. A simple trip to your local Auto Zone or Can-Am dealer won’t always prove fruitful. And before you even leave the house, make sure that you don’t pay for a single part that is covered by your warranty. The extended warranty from Can-Am is alright, but it can get iffy, and oftentimes denies claims on heavily modified machines. Some dealers sell their own warranties, and other aftermarket side-by-side insurers provide great warranty policies as well. BRP, for example, has a 24-month warranty for $700, while others include three years of free maintenance (oil changes, etc.) and five years of bumper to bumper coverage for $1,500. Warranty or not, at Everything Can-Am Offorad, we guarantee our parts are of the highest quality and lowest possible price points for riders of all income levels!

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