Roll Bar Handles/Grab Handles

Everything Can-Am Offroad is your one-stop-shop for all your Can-Am Defender grab handle needs. From roll bar handles to passenger-side grab bars, we have it all! If you have a jacked-up mud rig and are struggling with entering and exiting, our Can-Am Defender grab handles can help. Our products can prevent heads from smacking roofs, shoulders from bumping doors, and butts from sliding across seats. We understand that things can get extra bumpy, and we have got you covered. Our products are designed for rough terrains, and our team ensures that all our products are made of high-quality materials. So, whether you are looking for a passenger-side grab bar or roll bar handles, we have got you covered. Shop now at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

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Ask any death-defying bungee jumper or rock climber who has seen their share of close calls, and they will tell you just how important a few inches of durably constructed material can be. Even if you have no plans (we sure don’t) to be yo-yoing yourself over a gorge anytime soon, if you ride off road, it’s just as important to invest in high quality Can-Am Defender or Defender Max roll bar grab handles. For a very modest sum, you can provide both ease of access to your vehicle and peace of mind to passengers and yourself. As usual, we’ve made sure only to allow the most ruggedly constructed Can-Am Defender grab handles into our collection, so you can shop in confidence knowing you can trust your product.

Our Can-Am Defender roll bar handles are designed to fit just about anywhere you need them and stay put. Seriously - these things come with ridiculously strong clamps and/or specialized rubber pieces to ensure they don’t twist or slide while you’re tooling around. There’s nothing more unnerving (and potentially dangerous) than lunging for a grab handle in the heat of the moment and missing because it has shifted, so we consider this key detail more of a safety feature than a convenience factor. Speaking of convenience, however, when you’re working with the UTV accessory industry’s top Can-Am Defender roll bar handles from such reputable rands as Axia Alloys, Geiser Performance, and UTV mountain, you don’t have to sacrifice convenience for safety - you get both! In this case, we’re talking about ease of mounting and removal. Of all the hardware you’re tacking onto that stock frame, the last thing you would want to bust out your entire tool set for is a grab handle, so we’ve ensured that our clamps and straps are both strong and super easy to move around. Bring who you want, move your handles around freely, and ride in confidence knowing that everyone is safe.

For the more utilitarian rider who wants to maximize efficiency and functionality with what limited space we have in and on our Can-Am Defenders, we’ve got lighted Can-Am Defender and Defender grab handles by well-reviewed brands like PRP Seats. These thoughtfully designed handles skimp neither on toughness nor on practicality, featuring an LED strip with an automatic timer for saving power as well as seriously heavy-duty velcro straps to keep your handle secured and ready to use. Protect yourself and your passengers in all conditions with consumer-first products like this, and you won’t have to think twice before letting others in on the joyriding fun. Plus, it never hurts the wallet to knock out two birds with one stone in the Can-Am Defender aftermarket accessories department, eh?

Speaking of savings, Everything Can-Am Offroad has some of the most affordable aftermarket replacements around, especially when considering the massive leaps in quality we’re bringing to the table. In this category of Can-Am Defender roll bar grab handles and every other, we critically evaluate areas for potential improvement over factory parts, and believe it or not, grab handles are no exception. Though they’re the primary real estate, your Can-Am Defender or Defender Max roll bars aren’t the only place where you can shore up your defense against bumpy riding. Looking to replace that factory grab handle with something a little more robust and/or stylish? We’ve got a billet 6061 CNC-machined handle from Geiser Performance waiting for you to install in a snap and white-knuckle like no tomorrow. Go ahead, do your worst - this thing is about as stubborn as it gets, in the best way possible.

In the spirit of true UTV enthusiasts, we want to emphasize the importance of bringing people you are about along for your Can-Am Defender or Defender Max rides. Whether it’s someone who needs a bit of extra help with mobility or if you’ve just jacked that UTV up enough with upgrades to the point where you practically have to jump in, a well-placed roll bar grab handle sets a welcoming tone while providing a vital safety feature. Even the most sure-footed of UTV owners will be happy to have it in slick or sticky situations, and for the prices we’re bringing, there’s no question that it’s a worthy investment. Go with a high-quality Can-Am Defender roll bar grab handle and ride on with one less worry.