Roof Racks

At Everything Can-Am Offroad, you can find an extensive collection of Can-Am Defender roof racks, including the Can-Am Defender Max roof racks and other accessories that are perfect for your Can-Am Defender vehicle. We offer a wide selection of luggage racks, safari racks, and roof racks that will match your specific needs with precision. Our inventory is designed to provide you with the perfect product to fit your needs and enhance your vehicle's storage capabilities. Whether you need to carry camping gear, tools, or any other cargo, our Can-Am Defender roof rack collection has you covered. We are committed to offering top-quality products at affordable prices, ensuring that you find the perfect solution that fits your budget. Shop today and experience the convenience of our Can-Am Defender roof racks for your next adventure!

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From front and rear Can-Am Defender roof racks to Can-Am Defender Max roof racks that span the entire length / width of the machine, Everything Can-Am Offroad is the place where dreams of Can-Am Defender roof racks come true! We offer products like Can-Am Defender ladder racks, Can-Am Defender safari racks, and Can-Am Defender luggage racks, so regardless of whether you intend to use it for work, for play, or for a mix of both, you’ll never be let down by a Can-Am Defender roof rack procured from Everything Can-Am Offroad. And on top of the above-roof racks we sell for the Can-Am Defender, we also sell under-roof racks for items like guns and stereo equipment that require a little extra protection from dust, rain, and wind. Why wait? Get yourself a Can-Am Defender Limited roof rack, a Can-Am Defender HD10 roof rack, or a Can-Am Defender roof gun rack from Everything Can-Am Offroad before your next off-road outing! 

Some riders choose to go with the Can-Am Defender adventure roof rack, but there are several other great roof rack options out there for the Can-Am Defender, the Defender Max, and the Defender 6x6. Companies like Side By Customs, Bad Dawg, and AFX Motorsports make both universal UTV roof racks as well as roof racks designed specifically for the Can-Am Defender lineup. Due to the variety of roof rack alternatives available to Can-Am Defender owners, it’s incredibly easy to find the right roof rack to meet your particular needs. If, for example, you’re looking to install a couple of crossbars onto which a small Can-Am Defender roof basket can be situated, we’ve got front cross bars for the Can-Am Defender that mount through the roof to the top of the cage, and rear Can-Am Defender cross bars that attach to the back door mounts. On the other hand, if you’re primarily wanting an elevated platform on which you can glass during hunting season, you might be better off with a safari-style Can-Am Defender roof rack that offers a large flat surface with ample space in all directions. 

In addition to roof rails and safari racks, low-profile Can-Am Defender roof racks are also up for grabs at Everything Can-Am Offroad. Can-Am Defender low-profile roof racks prove superior in a number of situations. Those who trail ride, for example, may want a low-profile roof rack that won’t get hung up on tree limbs, while those who use enclosed toy haulers would likely require a low-profile roof rack to ensure that their rig still fits in the trailer after the rack is installed. Like other styles of UTV roof racks, low-profile roof racks can accommodate accessories like light bars and antennas. Plus, with numerous anchor points, you can still stack cargo, gear, and supplies atop a low-profile roof rack when the circumstances call for it. Settling for the only product available is a thing of the past. So make sure to get the right Can-Am Defender roof rack for the activities you partake in by shopping the huge selection of off-road roof racks available at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

The primary purpose of a Can-Am Defender roof rack is to increase the storage capacity of your rig. You can load them up with spare parts, tools, and building supplies, or you can use them to transport large, bulky, or awkwardly-shaped items like kayaks, canoes, and fishing poles. With all the advantages of a Can-Am Defender roof rack, however, there are a few points of contention that should be addressed. In addition to potentially making the vehicle too tall to fit below low bridges, thick foliage, and garage ceilings, side-by-side roof racks can also alter the vehicle’s balance by raising its center of gravity and making it more topheavy. This is a common problem with lift kits, and it can be remedied with things like offset wheels and wheel spacers that widen the machine’s wheelbase. Sure, you might not be able to rip around corners at breakneck speeds with a fully-loaded roof rack installed on your Can-Am Defender, but if your primary concern is speed and agility, you should have gotten a Can-Am Maverick or Commander.  

Whether you’re after a steel Can-Am Defender roof rack, an aluminum Can-Am Commander roof rack, or a super lightweight plastic Can-Am Defender roof rack, we’ve got what you need here at Everything Can-Am Offroad! For hunters, a Can-Am Defender roof gun rack might be sufficient, and for those who aren’t technically proficient and lack the requisite tools, a clamp-on Can-Am Defender roof rack that is simple and quick to install might be the best course of action. Whatever case proves true for you and your situation, we have the appropriate roof rack answers here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!