Snorkel Kits

At Everything Can-Am Offroad, you can easily find snorkel kits for your Can-Am Defender XMR, HD8, or Max. Our selection of Can-Am Defender snorkel kits is extensive, making it hassle-free to locate the perfect one for your UTV. We also offer Can-Am Defender snorkel pre-filters and install instructions to add convenience to your shopping experience. Whether you're planning on taking your Can-Am Defender for a spin in deep water or dusty conditions, a snorkel kit is the perfect accessory. By investing in a snorkel kit, you'll protect your UTV's engine from costly repairs and damage caused by water or dirt. Trust in Everything Can-Am Offroad for all your Can-Am Defender snorkel needs.

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Whether you bought a Can-Am Defender for hunting, for farm work, or for the sheer delight of participating in the rough and tumble world of off-road riding, there are a number of add-ons you can invest in to ensure that your rig keeps on chugging for years to come. One such addition is a Can-Am Defender snorkel kit, which does a number of things for your machine. First and foremost, UTVs with snorkels installed are better equipped to handle deep mud, puddles, and river crossings. What a Can-Am Defender snorkel kit does is extend the air intakes higher up to ensure that mud, water, and other debris can’t get inside. Some snorkel kits for the Can-Am Defender relocate the belt and engine air inlets inside the cabin, while others extend them up near the roof or above the back of the bed. In this way, you’ll not only be able to tread through deeper water and mud hazards without letting moisture into your rig’s internals, but your air intakes will also be further away from any dust / sand that your tires kick up, thereby helping them stay open, unclogged, and unrestricted. From Can-Am Defender XMR snorkels to Can-Am Defender Limited Edition snorkels, get quality snorkel products at affordable prices by purchasing your Can-Am Defender snorkels from Everything Can-Am Offroad!

The Can-Am Defender snorkels, snorkel kits, and snorkel components by companies like SuperATV, SYA Warrior Riser , and High Lifter are all quality options, and definitely worth the money compared to DIY Can-Am Defender snorkels. The SuperATV snorkel, for example, comes with everything your rig needs to stay nice and dry where it counts most. Using three risers that run sandwiched between the cockpit and the dump bed -- which can be installed without needing to cut or drill holes through your vehicle’s bed or body -- SATV’s Can-Am Defender snorkel kit utilizes 2” high-pressure hoses that are puncture-proof and airtight to raise the vehicle’s engine and CVT intakes by nearly two and a half feet. And to ensure that even rainwater cannot infiltrate your air intakes, SuperATV snorkels include one-way check valves that allow air to enter but not water. Plus, for those fine dust particles in the air, you can also get outerwears and pre-filters for your snorkel vents! 

Unlike other snorkel options out there, SuperATV’s snorkel kit for the Can-Am Defender works with or without glass rear windscreens. While the factory XMR snorkel can be retrofitted and zip-tied to function reasonably well with a solid rear glass windshield, why mess around when a viable solution is easily available? And instead of having to trifle with PVC couplers, elbow joints, and 3” to 2” bushing reducers which may or may not leak for your belt intake and engine intake, the Can-Am Defender snorkel install process with a pre-designed kit is a total breeze. Sure, home-made Can-Am Defender snorkels are an option, but you put your machine at serious risk if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Whether you get a pre-built Can-Am Defender snorkel kit or make one yourself out of supplies from your local hardware store, you should always check your Can-Am Defender snorkels for leaks before exposing them to mud and water. Making sure everything is airtight and secure on the belt box side is important -- and putting waterproof grease around the air box and belt box seals as a precaution is a prudent thing to do -- but the only way to really test the efficacy of your snorkels is with smoke. Cheap smoke machines are exactly that, and without a little pressure, a budget smoke machine that produces very little volume may not help you identify leaks in your Can-Am Defender snorkels. On the other hand, if you have a smoke machine that generates too much pressure, you could blow out your snorkel seals inadvertently while trying to test them for leaks. Something like the Redline Smoke Pro is a good tool to use, and if you don’t have one, it’s probably worth taking your rig into a shop to get the snorkels tested.

Aside from smoke tests, a free and easy way to check your Can-Am Defender snorkel kit for leaks is to place your hand over the breather tube to ensure that a vacuum is kept and to see if your rig cuts out. If there are no leaks in the system, your machine should die in very short order, and your hand should feel like it’s about to get sucked into the engine. If your UTV slowly fades and eventually dies -- or doesn’t die at all -- you have a leak for sure. That being said, if there is in fact a vacuum leak, it’ll be hard to find using the hand test, so conducting a smoke test is your best bet to locate leaks if any exist. But all this can be avoided entirely if you pick up a pre-fabricated Can-Am Defender snorkel kit from Everything Can-Am Offroad!

If you’re looking for the best snow plow for the Can-am Defender, there are a few variables you must consider. Size and shape as well as controllability and adjustability are important factors to think about, and so too is the ground you are plowing — because what works great on paved roads may not be the best on gravel and sand. The Snowex V-shaped plow and Snowex salter are a great Can-am Defender snow plow kit combo that work great on both paved and gravel roads. Throw on a shoe kit and you’ll even be able to plow the finer sandy gravel roads. And if you’re looking to multitask, the Snowex salter can even be used to seed and fertilize with as well! Along with Snoex’s v-plow, Boss also makes a solid Can-am Defender V Plow that does work. However the Boss V-blade is a bit heavy, so you might want to consider putting heavier springs on the front-end suspension when running it.

Take your next adventure to the river, take your next adventure to the marshes, take your next adventure into the muddiest water that you can find and run your machine through it knowing that your engine is completely safe from being filled with water. These UTV aftermarket snorkel kits are made with the best materials and you can trust that they’re sealed from letting water into the parts of your machine that’s simply should stay dry. Invest in a snorkel kit for your Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender MAX and take the plunge into a new level of adventure for you, your UTV, and your passengers with the confidence that when you get to the other side you would not have just survived a thrilling experience but so would your machine.

Embrace the amphibian lifestyle with a UTV that can tackle land and handle water without any deficits to performance. When you add customizations like larger tires, shocks, a lift kit, and a snorkel kit, your machine will be able to handle anything like a badass. Snorkel kits deter water and other materials from taking over your machine’s air intake while you ride through high level rivers and sludge. A clogged engine can cause stalling, shut-downs, and complete engine failure that can lead to an expensive engine replacement. Think fast and add a snorkel kit from Everything Can-Am Offroad to your rig. You can get an XMR Extension Snorkel Kit by SYA for your Can-Am Defender or your Can-Am Defender MAX. The kits we supply are durable, and easy-to-install so that you can get back to pounding the trails in no time. Get snorkel kits for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.