Spare Tire Mounts

Effortlessly fix a spare tire as well as a spare wheel onto the front, back, or roof of your UTV with the help of a Can-Am Defender spare tire mount, a Can-Am Defender spare tire holder, or a Can-Am Defender spare tire rack from Everything Can-Am Offroad! Whether you’re interested in a roof-mounted Can-Am Defender spare tire holder, a cage-mounted Can-Am Defender spare tire rack, or a hitch-mounted Can-Am Defender spare tire mount, we have those options and more at Everything Can-Am Offroad! 

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There are many ways in which one might become afflicted with a flat tire, and equally as many ways in which one can damage a rim on their UTV. For minor pinch flats and tube punctures, you can probably limp back to basecamp with tire patches, tire plugs, and / or tire sealants. But for those instances when flat tire kits fall short, your next best bet is a Can-Am Defender spare tire and rim. Unlike patch kits and sidewall plugs, though, Can-Am Defender spare tires and wheels are large, bulky, and space-consuming. Because of this, some riders opt to strap their spare tires down horizontally atop their overhead roof racks, while others choose to roll their spare tires vertically into the cargo bed, sandwiching them between tool boxes, coolers, storage bags, and aftermarket bed rails. While both of these options are viable, there are plenty of other ways to tote a spare tire when riding. Case in point, the Can-Am Defender spare tire mounts from Everything Can-Am Offroad! Want to fix a spare tire to your vehicle’s headache rack? It can be done with one of our Can-Am Defender spare tire brackets! Or would you rather use a Can-Am Defender spare tire holder that slides into your rear hitch receiver? Well, the ones we carry by Hornet Outdoors will do just that! Whether you’re on a multi-day overlanding excursion, trail riding during the weekend, or doing chores around your property in the evenings after work, never get stranded because of a flat tire and equip your rig with a Can-Am Defender spare tire carrier from Everything Can-Am Offroad!

There are various styles of Can-Am Defender spare tire racks, which gives riders the opportunity to choose the perfect ones for their personal needs. One product that is popular, simple, and incredibly effective is the 2” Clamp-On Spare Tire Mount by UTV Inc. Like all of the spare tire mounts we offer for the Can-Am Defender, the ones by UTV Inc. are compatible with the 4/137 bolt pattern and 10mm x 1.25 stud size of factory Can-Am Defender wheels. And because it’s able to mount onto any 2” cylindrical tube, you can fix the UTV Inc. spare tire mount to the vertical pillars of your roll cage, the support structures of your rear bed rack, or even your 2” bumper if you feel so inclined. The versatility of Can-Am Defender spare tire clamps such as these makes them favored by riders of all walks of life!

Aside from cage-mounted spare tire holders for the Can-Am Defender with fixed bolt patterns, we also offer adjustable spare tire mounts here at Everything Can-Am Offroad! For rigs with aftermarket tailgates, the powder coated, 3/16”steel Can-Am Defender spare tire mounts by RazorBack Offroad can facilitate both 10mm studs as well as 12mm studs, which allows users to fit most rim styles and wheel sizes. Plus, when coupled with a swinging tailgate, this kind of spare tire mount won’t be in your way when accessing the contents of your bed! 

If you have absolutely zero bed space to spare, hitch-mounted spare tire racks for the Can-Am Defender like the ones by Hornet Outdoors are great alternatives to in-vehicle spare tire mounts. They can be raised and lowered as well as moved inwards and outwards depending on your needs, and their heavy-duty construction coupled with their hitch stabilization features means that they won’t bend, break, or rattle as you ride.  It doesn't matter if you’ve got a 2” hitch receiver, a 1-¼” receiver hitch, or even a large-shank 3” hitch receiver, if you’re after a Can-Am Defender hitch-mounted spare tire rack, we’ve got the perfect products for you at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

On top of hitch-style spare tire mounts, Can-Am Defender dual-clamp spare tire brackets, and spare tire carriers designed to fit aftermarket bed racks, headache racks, and tailgates, at Everything Can-Am Offroad, you can also find strap-style spare tire holders for the Can-Am Defender like the ones by Assault Industries. The 3-part Y strap by Assault Industries will attach your spare tire wherever you’ve got space, be it in the bed or on your vehicle’s roof. And because they’re constructed out of no-stretch synthetic fibers, steel clips / ratchets that have been zinc coated to prevent corrosion, and rubberized handles that are soft on the hands, these spare tire fasteners are both comfortable and secure! Whatever it is that you seek – be it a 2020 Can-Am Defender spare tire mount or a spare tire carrier for your HD8 Defender – it can be procured quickly and easily from Everything Can-Am Offroad!