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Street Legal

In some states, making your Can-Am Defender street legal is as easy as going to the DMV, paying for a $40 Class 1 tag, and staying off of controlled access highways -- i.e. interstates or freeways for those in the west coast. In other places, the process to get a side-by-side street legal can be quite a bit more difficult. In most areas, street legal accessories must be installed on the Can-Am Defender, and you won't be able to license your machine without them. Among these street legal accessories are horn kits, street legal UTV mirrors, and turn signal kits. In places like North Dakota, there're aren't even laws stating that you need turn signals, but you do need to pay the registration fee, get your Defender insured, and install a license plate bracket with a light. Other states have state-wide rules on street legal UTVs, while in some states, the rules vary by county. Whatever the case may be in your area, here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we've got all the right accessories to make any Can-Am Defender street legal.

As long as you go slow and obey the laws, some small towns might not care that you ride your Defender around, so long as you're respectful. If you're tooling around for work purposes, riding through town to get gas, or headed over the part store for some supplies, if you know the townspeople, you might be able to break the law and be fine. To stay on the safe side, however, it's best to install the required accessories to make your Can-Am Defender street legal. After all, you could get most of the required street legal accessories, have them professionally installed, and still pay less than the cost of one ticket or traffic violation. Be it fully integrated turn signal kits for your Can-Am Defender XMR or some street legal side mirrors to clamp onto the roll cage of your Defender XT HD10, when it comes to making a Can-Am Defender legal for the roads, there's no better place than Everything Can-Am Offroad.

1 - 36 of 118 products

1 - 36 of 118 products