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Tie-Downs & Trailering

Whether you’re after some simple Can-Am Defender tie-downs to use with your around-the-yard utility trailer, or a set of heavy duty trailering straps to securely transport your bike without fear of it falling off or sliding loose, you’ll find an amazing selection of Can-Am Defender tie-down and trailering accessories here at Everything Can-Am Offroad! We offer wheel straps and wheel bonnets for the Can-Am Defender that work both with and without E-Track systems. If you’re thinking about using Can-Am Defender wheel chocks, we’ve got them. Or if you’re considering a trailering device like the Kolpin Lock It Rite trailer system that bolts to the surface of your trailer with a base plate and uses an upright arm attached to your Defender’s receiver hitch to hold it in place, we have those as well as similar trailering accessories made by the industry’s leading off-road powersports firms. You’re liable to lose either your bike, your cargo, or both if you’re absent minded about properly securing loads. But with the right Can-Am Defender tie-downs and trailering gear, you can eliminate your worries and ride with confidence knowing that everything is solid, secure, and done up right!

For those who want to avoid catching rocks with their Can-Am Defender windshield during transit, we’ve got Can-Am Defender windshield pads and windshield covers. And for those who want to protect their side-by-side from fast-moving sand particles and road salt, we have robust and tight-fitting trailering covers for the Can-Am Defender. With in-bed UTV anchor point kits, you’ll have more options at your disposal when strapping down gear and supplies in the cargo tray of your Can-Am Defender. And with a multitude of ratchet strap kits for the Can-Am Defender in a variety of lengths, widths, and strength ratings, you’ll be able to secure your side-by-side to any flatbed trailer, enclosed toy hauler, or UTV truck deck! Don’t mess around with inferior products and get high-quality tie-downs and trailering straps for your Can-Am Defender from Everything Can-Am Offroad!