Tire and Wheel Accessories

For all of your Can-Am Defender tire and wheel accessory needs, you can trust Everything Can-Am Offroad to provide you with the products you seek. We offer a wide range of Can-Am Defender tire and wheel products such as hubcaps, lug nuts, tire pumps, and patch kits at discounted prices. We also provide Can-Am Defender tire chains to help maintain traction on icy surfaces and wheel bearing replacements and grease guns to repack your wheel bearings with grease. Whatever the occasion, we have the Can-Am Defender tire and rim accessories you need. So, look no further than Everything Can-Am Offroad for all of your Can-Am Defender tire and wheel needs.

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We wish we could tell you that tires were a “set it and forget it” item, but especially in the case of more adventurous Can-Am Defender or Defender MAX owners, wheels and tires are certainly not exempt to the ongoing maintenance requirement. Whether you’re looking for Can-Am Defender lug nuts, lug wrenches, adapters, wheel bases, bearings, repair kits, or just about anything else related to tire care, our thoughtfully curated selection of wheel and tire accessories is here for you. And hey, there’s no need to frame this in the negative - wheel and tire accessories are just as much about upgrading your capabilities as they are fixing the inevitable issues when they occur. So, whether you’re looking for a practical repair kit to help you limp home after a day of too much fun or if you’re aiming for something a little more ambitious, welcome to Can-Am Defender tire and wheel accessory heaven.

In maintaining the balance between gently caring for our UTVs and pushing them to provide a superior level of performance, sometimes we get a little overzealous at the expense of a lug nut or two. If this is you, never fear, because Everything Can-Am Offroad has a broad selection of both factory replacement as well as modified Can-Am Defender or Defender max lug nuts to meet your exact needs. Looking to shore up those underappreciated wheels with some hardened steel while adding a subtle pop of color? Then check out our Closed End Wheel Lug Nuts by Agency Power. If you’re one to keep everything as is with 1:1 replacements, we’ve got standard lug nuts for a single tire (4) or the entire vehicle (16) so you get exactly what you need without overpaying. Shifting into more of a performance-oriented accessory, we also carefully maintain a selection of high-quality and affordable Can-Am Defender wheel bearings. Our extremely durable, soundly engineered wheel bearings will preserve the stability and performance you demand of your hard-working wheels and tires. And that’s only a small sampling of what we’ve got going on in this category - browse on to find the Can-Am Defender wheel bearing kit, rebuild kit, or wheel bearing greaser that you’ve been looking for.

If, like most of us riders, you are constantly pushing your Can-Am Defender or Defender Max to the limit, the need for a dependable tire repair kit is all but inevitable. In the 2020s, there’s no logical reason why a side by side enthusiast looking to make the wise investment in a Can-Am Defender tire repair kit should have to assemble their own from various sources. To save hassle, time, and money, we’ve created a collection of highly well-reviewed Can-Am Defender tire repair kits that include everything you need to fix flats and punctures on the road. We’re talking tire seals, tire roughing tools, easy installation plugs, adapters, and more. With a reliable Can-Am Defender tire repair kit on board, you can tear up the trail with that much less to worry about. Trust us - if you haven’t had any of these issues yet, you’re extremely lucky. Good luck or bad, we’re not ones to gamble. Protect yourself with a Can-Am Defender tire repair kit from Everything Can-Am Offroad and you won’t have to either.

For barely detectable punctures and not-so-subtle pressure losses, our Can-Am Defender tire sealant will afford you a much better chance of making it back home or to the shop without having to call for additional help while marooned on a stretch of trail being eaten alive by skeeters or what have you. As long as you promise not to turn into the “riding on a patched tire for 1,000+ miles” person, we promise to keep up our stock of Can-Am Defender tire sealant products. They won’t fix everything, but when applied properly to salvageable punctures (full-on blowouts are going to need the cavalry), then you absolutely can make it to a safer and less bug-infested environment for more intensive repairs. Once again, our thought process here is to deliver you exactly what we as fellow side by side riders would want to have with us when getting stuck out on the trail - no flimsy placeholders here, only solid products from well-reputed brands. Whether you need a Can-Am Defender pressure gauge, repair kit, lug nuts, or other tire and wheel accessories, come see us at Everything Can-Am Offroad and put your mind at ease!