Everything Can-Am Offroad has a range of Can-Am Defender tools to help you maintain your vehicle's performance and functionality. The Can-Am Defender belt removal tool make swapping belts easier. Similarly, the Can-Am Defender secondary clutch tool can help you work on your clutch. In addition, the Can-Am Defender wheel bearing grease tool can extend the life of your wheel bearings. To keep your tools organized, you can also invest in Can-Am Defender tool kits, tool boxes, and tool racks. With all these tools and accessories, you can rely on your Can-Am Defender to function optimally both on and off the road. Check out the Everything Can-Am Offroad website to browse their wide selection of tools and accessories for Can-Am Defenders.

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New Can-Am side-by-sides should come with Can-Am Defender tool kits. But if you bought your rig used – or if, for some strange reason, your new UTV didn’t come with an included Can-Am Defender tool bag – you’ve come to the right place! In addition to stock-style Can-Am Defender tool kits, here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we also provide riders with products like Can-Am Defender tool holders, Can-Am Defender tool boxes, and Can-Am Defender tool racks to use while you’re far away from home. But on top of that, we’re also able to hook you up with Can-Am Defender clutch tools, CVT tools, and wheel bearing grease tools to use for maintenance, upkeep, and improvements at home. Regardless of whether you’re wanting to modify your machine to the max with performance engine upgrades and terrain-specific accessories, or if you’re simply looking to avoid breaking down in the field, you’ll be able to do it all with the Can-Am Defender tools and tool-related products from Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Before popping on some brand new off-road tools, you might want to take a look around your house, because you could already have the requisite instruments in your garage or tool shed. If that’s the case, you’ll do well by getting either a Can-Am Defender bed tool box or a tool bag / tool roll like the Trails End edition by Nelson Rigg to keep your tools safely stored, neatly organized, and ready to use whenever they’re needed! Alternatively, you might also have the factory Can-Am Defender tool kit, but just not know it! So if you’re unsure as to the Can-Am Defender tool kit location, check under the front dash in the corner, it’s likely tucked away on the right side. If it’s not there, pop your hood and your Can-Am Defender tool pouch might be hiding on the drivers side, or if you’ve got a 2022 Can-Am Defender XMR, it could be in the storage box under the passenger-side seat. Another place your tool bag could be concealed is in the glove box, so be sure to check these areas before needlessly spending on a Can-Am Defender tool kit that you already own!

Aside from the Can-Am Defender spanner wrench tool designed to help you adjust the springs on your shocks, the other tools that come with the included tool kit – such as a 10mm wrench, a 13mm wrench, and a 15mm wrench – can be easily sourced from a number of different places. What the factory tool kit doesn’t include, though, are things like Can-Am Defender belt removal tools, Can-Am Defender secondary clutch tools, and misc. necessities such as jumper cables, electric wire / connectors, and zip ties. And as you might have guessed by now, all of these products and many more can be found at Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Owning the appropriate set of tools is one thing, but without a robust and properly-secured tool box, your in-bed or in-cab tools will be vulnerable to the elements and liable to slide around! Companies like Hornet Outdoors and UWS both make UTV tool boxes that come with easy-to-follow Can-Am Defender tool box installation instructions. Both firms make well-built tool boxes that top the list of many Can-Am Defender tool box reviews. And because they make an assortment of different sizes and editions of tool boxes that include lids that open 90-degrees, 16-gauge steel sidewalls with double folded edges, and overhanging top sections to prevent water penetration, the Can-Am Defender tool boxes available at Everything Can-Am Offroad leave nothing to be desired!

Carrying a spare drive belt when riding is something that most experienced UTV owners always do. But without a Can-Am Defender belt removal tool / Can-Am Defender belt change tool, swapping out the old drive belt to replace it with a new belt can be extremely frustrating. So why try to do a Can-Am Defender belt change without a proper tool when it’s extremely easy to get the right tool for the job? And while we’re on the subject of removing and replacing parts, you might also want a Can-Am Defender primary clutch tool, a secondary roller pin remover tool, or a Can-Am Defender body panel rivet puller to help you replace your machine’s cowling! Or for those instances when you need UTV tools that aren’t designed for use on your UTV, at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we also sell recovery shovels as well as roll-bar mounted outdoor tool kits that contain hatchets, machetes, and folding saws. Whatever activities you do in your Can-Am Defender, Defender MAX, or Defender XMR, make sure you can continue to do everything you love without significant interruption with the Can-Am Defender tools, tool boxes, and tool kits from Everything Can-Am Offroad!