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Be it three feet of champaign powder or that nasty pressure slush you often find under the snow on lakes, there are some places even the Can-am Defender struggles to reach. Worry not, however, because with a set of Can-am Defender tracks, there is no blizzard too brutal or snow drift too big to conquer. When it comes to UTV tracks, Camso is one of the bigger players in the game. However, there are also Can-am specific tracks like the Apache 360 LTs that are great for the Can-am Defender — be it the XT 1000, the DPS model, the HD10 Max, or any Can-am Defender in between. Both companies make fantastic UTV tracks that are very similar in terms of performance and durability. Whichever company you go with to track out your side-by-side, you’ll want to make sure that you properly maintain and tighten them periodically. Furthermore, you’ll want to either relocate your combustion air intake into the cab — so that it draws inside air vs powder from outside the cab — or use the intake screen that typically comes with the tracks. Tracks are also a little hard on fuel when you’re blazing trails, so bringing along a spare can of fuel is also advised. Some dealers will tell you to keep your tracked Defender in 4wd with locked rear differential, but if you’re not making a fresh trail or climbing a snow bank, you may not need to keep the diff locked 100% of the time. And while 4 low is best for optimal performance in thick powder, if you’re running on good packed surfaces, you can stick it in 4 high and comfortably reach speeds of 30-40mph — 45 if you push it hard.


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Whether you decide on the the Apache side-by-side tracks or the Camso 4s1 tracks, be sure that you’re trailer can accommodate the added height and width of a tracked out Can-am Defender. Camso tracks on the 2018 HD10 XT Cab, for instance, will make the machine 74.5” wide. So a 79" trailer will work with about an inch to spare on each side. The Apache tracks are about the same, however it should be noted that the base model Max is a bit narrower than the Cab model. Tracks on the Can-am Defender base model would make it 68-69” wide and 14 1/2” long. And if you use an enclosed trailer, height can also be an issue. So like a good carpenter, measure twice and cut once!

For all you ice fishers out there that run tracks on your Can-am Defender, you might want to invest in an “ice angle” or a similar device, which is basically a steel cross you can use as an anchor point on the lake since you have no trees to tie off to. Instead you drill a 8" hole through the ice, drop your cross through the hole, it opens up underneath and you use this to winch your way out. Getting high centered and slushed out on the middle of a frozen lake is never fun, so ice anchors like these can be a godsend. For all the best winter UTV accessories including ice angles and tracks, look no further than Everything Can-Am Offroad!

Adding tracks to your UTV can give it an upgrade that can rival any other specifically designed machine, like tractors and snowmobiles. They allow for more efficient maneuverability on the toughest terrain like rocks, mud, sand, and snow with an increase in performance. They help to stabilize your rig while on uneven ground and are easy to use and maintain. A high-quality track for your machine awaits you at Everything Can-Am Offroad. You can get heavy-duty tracks for your 2020 Can-Am Defender or your 2020 Can-Am Defender MAX at the most affordable prices that can’t be beaten. The high-quality tracks that we supply can absorb shock and are lightweight with a solid steel frame, a tandem stabilizer, and puncture-proof tires. They connect in minutes so you can get back to riding faster than before. Invest in your machine wisely. Get tracks for your side by side from Everything Can-Am Offroad.

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