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Whip Lights & Flags

Tired of the same old look? Want something just a little bit extra without breaking the bank or being too overboard? Maybe it is time you check out our array of UTV whip lights and UTV flags. A simple UTV aftermarket accessory such as these could be just the thing you need to spruce up your Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender MAX. They are certainly making a statement for several riders just like you. And beyond that, they also add an element of safety to your Defender, allowing other riders to notice you regardless of the low-lying foliage obstructing their field of view. Be it blue whip lights, green whip lights, red ones, or any combination of the three, we've got the exact colors you're after to complement your Defender. And when it comes to mounting whip lights and flags on your defender, we've got all the best L-shaped brackets and fasteners of all kinds to affix them to the rear part of the cage, up top on the roof, or in the front of your machine. While some whip light mounts and flag mounts are loose and sloppy, the ones you'll find here at Everything Can-Am Offroad are guaranteed to hold your accessories tight and secure.

Similarly to whip lights, we also offer flex and fixed mounts for attaching flag poles to your ride. Sure PVC pipe zip-tied to your roll cage can work, but one whack from a tree brach and that puppy will be long gone, and your flag along with it. Be it a mount from a trusted UTV company like Hornet Outdoors, a flag pole made specifically for side-by-sides, or a safety flag designed for high visibility, we've got the flag accessories for you and your Defender. So fly that Trump flag to show your political affiliation, let the stars and stripes wave in the wind to display your patriotism, or represent your alma mater by installing one of their flags on your rig. Whatever you're trying to do flag or whip light related, we can help you do it right!

1 - 36 of 51 products

1 - 36 of 51 products

While adding a set of whip lights and flags to your UTV can generally help you make a statement at the racecourse, it might seem a little odd if you have professional grade whip lights on your UTV for a casual ride on the trail. On the other hand, if you take your  Can-Am Defender out on the dunes without having a set of whip lights or Flags, or both then you may find yourself being denied entry. This is because there are strict rules about having flags and having whip lights on your machine. These UTV Aftermarket accessories are actually safety add-ons that you should not take for granted. They assist at the crest of the dunes, letting other riders know that you are on the opposite side of the dune so that they do not come crashing over onto you. Yes they are beautiful, they are pretty, they make your machine stand out and therefore you need them to be of a certain quality so that they can shine as long as possible. The whip lights and flags that we carry will make your Can-Am defender or Can-Am Defender MAX stand out at your next show, race or out on the dunes. Choose a set of whip lights and/or flags and get on to the next trail or your next adventure.

Don’t take our word for it. Get one and see for yourself. Believe us, you will turn heads when you have one of these UTV whip lights or UTV flags mounted on your Can-Am Defender or Can-Am Defender MAX. Not to mention, you will also be visible when other riders fade into the crowd. You are guaranteed to stand out. We at Everything Can-Am Commander promise you that.

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