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Can-Am Frieling Racing UTV ECU Tuning System for Professionals by Agency


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Product Information

BRAND: Agency Power
Tuning your Can-Am's engine doesn't need to be difficult. This Frieling Racing UTV ECU Tuning System for Professionals by Agency makes an otherwise complicated job simple and easy.
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The Frieling Racing UTV and SxS tuning system for professionals is the most advanced system available. The only system of its kind allows you to flash via the diagnostic port with 1 tool. The iFlash for the Can-Am supports all Bosch ME17.8.5 ECU while supports all ME17.9.74 and M17.8.7 ECUs. Our system allows you to ID the software number via the OBDII port where you then find a matching original file from your database to make a tune from. If you do not have original files, you can extract this in Boot Mode with the Frieling Racing iBoot. Once you have some stock files, you can upgrade or downgrade firmwares easily. Although we are not in the file providing service, we have no problem sharing original files that we may have available. Oncea tune is made, you can flash the file to the vehicle via the diagnostic port. If you need to flash back to stock or update the file, simply write this again through the port.

ECU Tuning System Includes:

  • Master Cable - Master cable allows you to encrypt and decrypt files from end user tools. End Usercables can be sent to customers worldwide which lock to 1 Vin and 1 Protocol. If you want to flash vehicles with the Master, then you need the Canam and/or Polaris protocol. Once you have the protocol on your Master cable, you can flash as many vehicles as you want. There is no license or other fees related.
  • Can-Am Adapter Cable- Can-Am adapter cable converts the standard 16 pin OBD2 Frieling cable to the 6 pin Can-Am diagnostic cable needed to flash via the port.
  • Bench Flash Kit - The bench flash connector allows you to flash a ECU that a customer might bring you without the car. You can flash this directly through the front of the ECU without needing to open it up. However if you do need to do this in boot mode, this adapter will also work. Requires professional power supply unit to control amps and volts.
  • Canam Protocol. This is needed to flash vehicles with your master. No further licenses or fees are require
  • Frieling iBoot - The iBoot software is used for bench flashing a ECU. These ECUs cannot be read through the port. Only ID. So with the iBoot tool, you can read and write the processor and eeprom file where the diagnostic port iFlash only allows you to flash the processor. The iBoot can be used to program blank ECUs, clone ECUs, read ECUs, and program ECUs.


Notes: Frieling Racing provides these TOOLS but does not sell file editing software. We recommend using tools like WinOLS or BitEdit. Again these are professional tools. Any binary editor can do what you need if you know where to make changes in the files.

  • No Fees and No Licenses Required
  • Able to Private Label Flash Client with YOUR Branding
  • End User cables are sold in lots of 10 for $185/cable
  • Got More Questions?View theFAQ Here.

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