Air Intake

For many people, doing an air intake modification is the number one performance mod to do, and if you are such a person, we’ve collected the very best Can-Am Maverick R Air Intake mods and upgrades to choose from! Our range of high-performance air filters is designed to deliver clean, unobstructed airflow, and advanced particle separators that effectively block out damaging debris. Custom side vents are engineered for maximum air intake efficiency while adding a sleek aesthetic to your ride. Be prepared with our choice of top-notch replacement filters to ensure your Maverick R always operates with the freshest air. This collection offers a blend of everything, enhancing your vehicle's overall look, performance, functionality, and reliability! For those seeking enduring, high-quality performance, washable and reusable air filters are, and will always be the ideal choice! Order today and experience why our Can-Am Maverick R Ait Intake selection is the top choice for Can-Am Maverick R owners lusting for more!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Air Intake Upgrades and Accessories?

Airflow Efficiency and Maverick R Engine Health

The right air intake system for your Can-Am Maverick R is crucial for maintaining efficient airflow in order to give you the very best balance of performance and fuel economy! As such, a good air intake system will balance the need to block contaminants from entering the engine while ensuring sufficient air supply for years to come. This will help with responsiveness and will effectively make your R much more fun to drive! An inefficient air filter can lead to decreased power, increased fuel consumption, and various engine issues, some of which might cause very expensive problems!

Quality of Filter Material and Ease of Maintenance

The air filter's material significantly impacts its effectiveness, ease of maintenance, and durability, so be sure to keep these in mind while shopping! For example, some Can-Am Maverick R filters (such as cotton) can be washed and re-used which makes them perfect choices for those wanting the best of both worlds! Other high-quality materials like foam, or synthetic options offer superior filtration, so don’t forget about these either. Easy-to-clean or replaceable filters are vital for sustained performance in your Maverick R, but whatever you do, make sure they are designed to fit the R and all of its past, current, and future mods!

Fine Particle Protection and Durability

Most people use the Can-Am Maverick R (or are going to) as an off-road machine which means that it needs an air intake system that can effectively block dust, water, and all other types of harmful particles! A multi-layered filter that captures various sizes of debris, including microscopic particles, is ideal for such purposes. Moreover, adding a particle separator can further help by ejecting larger pieces of debris even before they reach the filter, thereby prolonging both the life of the filter and the engine! Secondly, if you are someone who often drives through marshes, mud, and water, look for additional pre-filters or water-resistant features that offer extra protection in such environments!

Customization and Aesthetic Enhancements

Air intake systems can also be a statement of style and uniqueness for your Can-Am Maverick R, especially if you love showing off all of the mods you do to your UTV. Filters are available in various colors and designs, allowing you to align them with your vehicle's aesthetic or your personal style preferences. While functionality is paramount, adding a visually appealing element to your engine's intake system can enhance the overall look of your Maverick R and make it more up your street!