Helmet Kits

Can-Am Maverick R Helmet Kits should be equally as superior as the Can-Am Maverick R itself, and we are here to restore that balance! Crafted exclusively for the Maverick R, our assortment fuses innovative intercom solutions, robust helmet kit attachments, shields, flexible extension cables, and advanced visor technology, equipping you for any challenge! Explore the efficiency of Easy-Detach and hardware kits, the convenience of helmet visor extension sets, and the innovation behind the very best helmet carry solutions and hangers! Enhance your communication with powerful intercom amplifiers, multi-functional adaptors, and effective airflow systems, ensuring your conversations are as clear as your path ahead. Be ready and stay ready with the assurance and sophistication of our Can-Am Maverick R Helmet Kits, your trusted companion on every journey!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Helmet Kits?

Maverick R Helmet Types

The type of helmet is a crucial starting point for every helmet kit out there. If you already have a helmet, consider maybe replacing it or complementing it with a new one that is going to suit your helmet and communications needs better. To kick things off, decide between a full-face helmet for complete coverage, an open-face helmet for more openness, or a modular helmet for versatility. Full-face helmets are generally recommended for intense off-road use, especially in environments without windshields, offering maximum protection and safety on all of your Can-Am Maverick R endeavors.

Maintenance and Protection of Helmet Kits

Can-Am Maverick R UTVs and helmets are exposed to diverse conditions in off-road environments which means that your helmet kits are as well. To mitigate those worries, look for kits that include protective bags or covers to safeguard your helmet from scratches and environmental damage. Also, consider the inclusion of dedicated helmet cleaning kits, especially for helmets used in muddy or dusty conditions, to maintain their longevity and appearance. Do not pull on the cables, make sure your connectors are all covered, and try to organize the entire system in a way where it won’t be susceptible to any damage.

Compatibility of Helmet Kit Components

Another thing you have to do is ensure that all additional components like vents, padding, and straps are compatible with your chosen helmet and your dedicated helmet kit. An incompatible setup can detract from the riding experience as opting for a comprehensive helmet kit can simplify this process, as all components are designed to work together seamlessly. Therefore, if you don’t want to think about what fits and what does not, just be sure to go for a helmet kit with one of the helmets we have in store!


The helmet kit should be as versatile as the Maverick R itself, but the helmet itself should be as durable as one can be. Features like anti-fog visors for humid conditions, effective ventilation for warmer climates, or enhanced insulation for cold environments are worth considering. The durability of the associated accessories like cables and communication devices, ensures they can withstand the rigors of off-road use. To spend your money in the best way you can, it’s essential not to cut any corners and to organize your Can-Am Maverick comms setups tidily and elegantly!