Offroad Short Course

The best possible communications equipment for racing is the one you never have to worry about and that’s exactly what we at Everything Can-Am Offroad are all about! If you want to experience what that’s like, it’s time for you to familiarize yourself with our Can-Am Maverick R Offroad Short Course shop category! Discover our exclusive range of racer kits and race systems, featuring top-of-the-line dual-band solutions with which we ensure you stay connected at all times! Elevate your racing experience with our selection of handheld radios, race receivers, high-performance race earbuds/headsets, and helmet kits that are tailored to offer robust mounting options! Order yours today and prioritize winning and having fun, we’ll take care of the rest!


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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Offroad Short Course Accessories?

Clear and Consistent Connection

The main quality a superior Can-Am Maverick R short-course offroad system should have is consistency as you want to be able to talk freely without any connection problems at all! We are fully aware of that which is why we do our best to offer you systems that will stay online when most others will fail. Secondly, despite the term "short course," these tracks can vary significantly in size. It's crucial to have communication gear that provides lots of range. Even if you don’t need the range, knowing you have it makes your life easier. This ensures you're always in touch with your team, regardless of your location on the track. Prioritize high-quality race earbuds and radios that guarantee effective coordination and a top-notch racing experience.

Integration with Your Maverick R

The integration of communication devices with your Maverick R is also rather important as you want a system that integrates smoothly without any problems along the way. All your equipment, from handheld radios to helmet kits, should be mounted securely and should integrate seamlessly with your Can-Am Maverick R. These systems shouldn't create distractions but should enhance your focus and performance on the course which is what they were designed to do in the first place.


The environment in offroad short-course racing is unforgiving, posing a challenge to delicate tech devices. To mitigate that as much as possible, choose equipment that is tough enough to withstand the rigors of racing, including vibrations, shocks, and exposure to elements like mud and dust. Waterproof and dustproof features are indispensable for consistent performance during intense races in your Can-Am Maverick R.

Comfort and Ergonomic Design

Long durations of racing demand gear that's comfortable to use in all sorts of weather conditions, temperatures, and seasons. Whether it's the fit of your headphones or the design of your helmet kits, comfort should be a priority. Can-Am Maverick R racing equipment should be ergonomic, breathable, and lightweight to prevent any discomfort or distraction during races, ensuring you can focus on the track ahead.

Smart Features and Tech

Lastly, you should also look for Can-Am Maverick R racing communication equipment that comes with features tailored specifically to the racing environment. Noise cancellation is important to counteract the loud engine and track noises, allowing you to reduce ear fatigue while improving clarity. Adjustable volume controls, push-to-talk, easy-to-use interfaces, and voice-activation systems can greatly improve your interaction with the equipment and your team ensuring you are always heard!