Floor Mats

Set off on endless adventures with your Can-Am Maverick R knowing its interior is safeguarded by our premium Floor Mats collection! Choose from heavy-duty rubber mats that offer unparalleled toughness against rough terrains, elegant aluminum liners that add a touch of sophistication, or robust floorboards that provide ultimate durability. Each and every option is meticulously crafted to suit various preferences and practical requirements, no matter your style! Explore the very best selection to find the ideal blend of functionality, style, and resilience that enhances your Maverick R experience. Shop now and elevate your interior to new heights!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Floor Mats?

Materials for Maverick R Floor Mats

Rubber Mats

These Can-Am Maverick R floor mats are ideal for harsh conditions since they are designed to endure consistent stress caused by both dirt and moisture. They are easy to clean and maintain, offering excellent durability and spill containment.

Aluminum Mats

Provide sturdy protection and add a rugged look to your Can-Am Maverick R. They are more permanent and offer great resilience against rough terrains.

Plush Liners

Can-Am Maverick R plush liner floor mats are suited for light use, offering a touch of luxury and comfort, particularly during more relaxed rides. These are considered Rolls Royce floor mats, both because of comfort and high prices.

Importance of Raised Edges and Design

Whichever type you prefer, make sure you always look for mats with raised edges, which help contain spills and debris, protecting the vehicle's interior. A combination of a tough aluminum base with a rubber overlay can offer enhanced protection and ease of maintenance. Also, raised edges are a very good addition for cleaning since taking them in and out is easier because you are less likely to spill anything off them.

Features for Enhanced Functionality

It’s also a good idea to go with sleek floor mats with features like anti-slip surfaces, heat resistance, water-repellent treatments, and easy attachment systems. These features increase the mats' utility and can add a level of sophistication to your Can-Am Maverick R. For example, hydrophobic properties will keep moisture off better which means that water isn’t going to eat it nearly as quickly.


Let’s face it, all of these factors and benefits are important, but anyone is hardly going to go for a Can-Am Maverick R floor mat that does not look good. Our selection of floor mats should complement the overall look of your Maverick R. Whether you prefer a rugged appearance or a more refined interior, choose mats that align with your style, considering textures, emblems, and design elements. So, try to pick a style you prefer, but one that comes with some of the benefits listed in this guide!

Floor Mats vs. Underlays

Traditional floor mats offer versatility and ease of removal, suitable for daily use and varying terrains. They provide a protective and replaceable layer which is why they are the number one choice for most people. Add in all of the variety, and you get yourself a complete package. However, underlays are more permanent solutions, offering exceptional stability and grip, designed for intense off-roading. If you can’t make up your mind, combining an underlay for stability and a top-layer mat for versatility—can provide comprehensive protection and functionality to your Can-Am Maverick R.