Hand Controls

We're proud to be your ultimate destination for all Can-Am Maverick R Hand Control necessities because our mission is, and always will be, to make your Can-Am life as easy as possible! Our selection features state-of-the-art palm grips tailored for comfort, robust tri-pin grips for firm control, and precise single-pin grips for those who prefer finer handling. Embrace the steadfast grip of our clamshell designs for a secure hold on every terrain. Enhance your driving experience with practical brake and pedal extensions, offering greater ease of use, or elevate safety with superior gas pedal guards, designed specifically for the Maverick R! For enthusiasts seeking unparalleled command of their vehicle, our meticulously engineered V grips and spinner knobs provide exceptional maneuverability and precision, making every journey in your Maverick R an exhilarating experience. Discover the perfect Can-Am Maverick R Hand Controls to suit your style and transform your ride into an adventure of control and excitement!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Hand Controls?

Maverick R Hand Control Types

Choose from a few different hand control types based on your driving style, physical needs, and the typical environments you explore with your Can-Am Maverick R. For instance, palm grips are ideal for extended rides, offering comfort and reducing fatigue, especially useful for those with hand discomfort. Tri-pin grips excel in challenging conditions, providing a firm grip in wet or muddy environments. Single-pin grips are great for quick maneuvers due to their minimalist design. V grips, known for their ergonomic structure, offer additional leverage and support, beneficial for drivers seeking alternative steering options. Test these varieties in real-life scenarios to find the best match for your Maverick R adventures. Think of your condition first, your comfort second, and looks third!


Can-Am Maverick R hand controls made from high-quality materials such as durable plastics and resilient metals are highly recommended. Materials like aluminum, or supple rubbers, ensure longevity and consistent performance without also being fairly comfortable to the touch, especially when coated properly. For harsh or moist conditions, opt for hand controls with anti-corrosion properties or special coatings. The controls should feature sturdy mounting mechanisms and durable fasteners to withstand rigorous use.

Ease of Installation and User-Centric Design

Choose hand controls that are easy to install and adjust, ideally with clear instructions or tutorials included. Also look for controls with adjustable features or modular designs to accommodate different hand sizes and grip styles, enhancing comfort and control in your Can-Am Maverick R.

Advanced Features and Ergonomics

Tactile feedback, heat resistance, or vibration dampening are all welcomed as these features (and many others) can completely transform your Can-Am Maverick R hand control experience. Understandably, this can significantly enhance comfort on long rides or challenging terrains where precise maneuvering and tight corners are essential. Adjustable controls that allow you to modify angles, heights, or positions can improve ergonomics, reduce strain, and make your Can-Am Maverick R experiences more enjoyable and customized to your needs.