Mobility Equipment Accessories

Accessibility stops being a worry with our Can-Am Maverick R Mobility Equipment Accessories collection, dedicated to making lives easier! Our selection includes robust carriers built to handle substantial loads, making transportation hassle-free. Effortlessly load and unload with our user-friendly ramps, and explore our groundbreaking wheelchair mobility solutions, tailored for seamless integration with your Maverick R. We offer a diverse array of products to boost the Maverick R's versatility, featuring premium mobility equipment mounts and more, all designed to elevate the convenience of your adventures. Equip your Can-Am Maverick R with these innovative mobility tools to transform and expand the horizons of your journeys. Explore our range today and experience a world where mobility meets adventure, without any barriers, no matter what!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Mobility Equipment Accessories?

Types of Maverick R Mobility Equipment Accessories


Choose carriers that securely attach to your Can-Am Maverick R, offering stability for transporting mobility scooters, power chairs, and other essentials. Make sure they are built tough and designed to handle the specific weight and dimensions of your equipment and accessories!


Choose your ramps that cater to your loading needs, from simple mechanical designs to advanced powered versions. Their primary function should be to facilitate easy and safe loading and unloading of mobility devices, considering the terrain and height challenges you might face.

Wheelchair Integrations

Explore wheelchair solutions specifically designed for the Can-Am Maverick R, including platform lifts and adaptable seating options, ensuring your ride is as comfortable as it is exciting.

Versatile Racks

Go with racks that offer flexibility and organized storage for various aids like walkers or camping gear, without compromising space or accessibility. Do your homework, know your needs, and they pull the trigger!

Weight Capacity and Compatibility

The weight capacity of your Can-Am Maverick R mobility equipment accessories is as essential as something can be, so be sure to match it with your equipment and personal needs. Carriers, ramps, wheelchair solutions, and racks should support the weight of your equipment, ideally with additional capacity for safety. Ensure they are compatible with the Maverick R’s load capabilities. Going too little or too much can create much more harm than good, so be sure to avoid that completely!

Build Materials and Durability

Select materials that align with your usage and durability expectations and are able to provide enough support for yourself or anyone who uses your accessories. Aluminum offers lightweight strength and corrosion resistance, while steel provides unparalleled sturdiness. Consider the overall weight of the accessory in relation to the Can-Am Maverick R's performance. Some prefer carbon fiber, titanium, or similar composite materials, but these are more difficult to buy since they are rare and expensive.

Innovative Features

It’s also a good idea to seek innovative features in mobility accessories that complement the Maverick R’s adventurous nature but are functional. Features like collapsible designs for easy storage, UV-resistant coatings for longevity, or integrated LED lighting for visibility can significantly elevate your experience. These additions should align with how and where you use your Can-Am Maverick R!