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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Coolers?

Maverick R Cooler Types

Can-Am Maverick R soft-sided coolers offer flexibility and are ideal when space is at a premium. However, under-seat coolers provide discreet storage, while roll-bar-mounted coolers utilize often-unused space. In-bed coolers are suitable for extensive storage needs, and coolers with integrated dispensers are perfect for easy hydration access. There are also a few more Can-Am Maverick R cooler types you can go for, but these are the most popular ones of the bunch.

Cooler Capacity and Size

You have to select a cooler that fits well within the Can-Am Maverick R’s storage space while effectively keeping your items cold and fresh. A smaller cooler around 25-quart may suffice for day trips, whereas a larger 70-quart cooler is ideal for longer adventures. A mid-sized 50-quart cooler often offers a good balance. Consider multiple smaller coolers for group trips to distribute weight evenly and provide redundancy. The idea here is to have enough capacity, but not at the expense of taking up way too much space.

Durability and Material Cooling Quality

The Can-Am Maverick R’s rugged spirit calls for coolers that can withstand rough terrains and aren’t likely to get punctured or damaged. Rotomolded coolers are renowned for their durability and UV resistance, fitting the Maverick R’s off-road capabilities. Aluminum coolers are lightweight and resist corrosion, while stainless steel variants offer superior durability but are heavier. All in all, you should choose based on your typical usage and the Maverick R's storage limits.

Smart Features for Better Cooling

Look for coolers with features that enhance their utility: superior insulation, efficient drainage systems, integrated bottle openers, watertight compartments, rugged wheels, ergonomic handles, and protective corners. Consider the type of items you’ll be storing and whether you need a cooler with precise temperature control capabilities or a more basic Can-Am Maverick R cooler.

Accessibility and Secure Mounting

The cooler needs to be securely mounted onto your Can-Am Maverick R, especially as that is important for off-roading. Features like tie-down slots, non-slip feet, or custom mount compatibility will keep the cooler stable, offering safety and easy access. Choose a model that allows you to conveniently access your items without having to rearrange your setup constantly.