Portal Gear Lifts

It’s time for an ultimate Can-Am Maverick R upgrade with our Can-Am Maverick R Portal Gear Lifts collection, designed to elevate your off-road game quite literally! Our array of custom portal gear lift kits are specifically crafted for the Can-Am Maverick R, offering an unrivaled combination of lift and performance enhancement. Delve into our selection of heavy-duty portal gearboxes, reinforced axles, and finely tuned gears, each engineered to fit the Maverick R’s distinct dynamics. Our offerings extend to include robust drain plugs and durable brake lines, all developed to boost your Maverick R's resilience and control across challenging landscapes. Raise your Can-Am Maverick R above the competition and enjoy what peek performance feels like!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Portal Gear Lifts?

Maverick R Types of Portal Gear Lifts

Standard Portal Lifts

Standard portal lifts are widely considered ideal for the Can-Am Maverick R since these lifts attach a gear hub to the wheel, significantly raising the vehicle's ground clearance. Therefore, such a modification is perfect for conquering larger obstacles and handling heavier loads during off-road adventures.

Advanced GDP Portal Lifts

GDP setups feature an integrated gearbox for a more seamless power transfer, enhancing the Can-Am Maverick R’s performance by putting the power to the ground more consistently. While offering improved ride smoothness and reduced noise, these advanced lifts are generally more costly due to their upgraded functionalities. So, if you are mostly about the looks and you are satisfied with how your Maverick performs, go for a standard setup. If you want more, go for a GDP.

Gear Ratios

The act of balancing gear ratios is immensely important when going with a portal gear lift setup. Higher gear ratios increase clearance but may affect the Can-Am Maverick R's speed and handling. Consider your preference between elevation and performance, and select a gear ratio that aligns with your off-road driving style without compromising the vehicle’s natural dynamics.


Portal lifts for the Maverick R need to be made from materials like high-strength steel which ensures resilience against the abuse of off-roading. Chromoly steel is often used for axles and other structural parts to withstand increased stress. Prioritize lifts made from materials that guarantee longevity and reliability in various terrains. Don’t forget about all the bushings, linkages, and other smaller components. The idea here is to go for a sound and sturdy setup that is going to complement your Can-Am Maverick R perfectly.