Prop Shafts

What if we told you that you could completely transform the performance of your Maverick from the ground up just with our exclusive Can-Am Maverick R Drive Shafts collection? Dive into a world where power and precision combine, with drive shafts meticulously designed to harmonize with the Can-Am Maverick R. These top-grade components ensure optimal power transfer and unmatched efficiency, even in the toughest conditions. Our range includes essential drive shaft accessories such as durable roll pins, robust U-joints, and high-quality bearings, crucial for maintaining the integrity and performance of your drivetrain. Upgrade to what are the very best Can-Am Maverick R Drive Shafts today and see what you and your UTV are made of!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Prop Shafts?

Maverick R U-Joints and Bearings

It’s time to focus on high-quality U-joints and bearings since these are crucial for smooth operation and minimizing vibrations, no matter what the rest of your shaft looks like. The reality is that premium smaller components ensure a refined ride and cohesive drivetrain function for many years to come. It’s up to you to opt for Can-Am Maverick R drive shafts equipped with durable U-joints and bearings, so be sure to check us out!


For an off-road machine such as the Can-Am Maverick R, it’s important to seek drive shafts made from materials like reinforced chromoly steel, known for torsional rigidity and durability. Make sure they have anti-corrosive properties and are capable of withstanding the rigors of off-roading. Look for features like uniform welds, solid connectors, and protective caps. It’s about the complete package, not just the “important” bits such as brakes, wheels, exhausts, and lifts.


You also need to consider the installation process and maintenance requirements, especially if you like getting your own hands dirty. If you're not mechanically inclined, a simpler setup or professional installation might be preferable. Assess the availability of spare parts like roll pins and carrier bearings for long-term maintenance. It’s a good idea to check your Can-Am shaft every time you go out for an aggressive trail blaze since these are known to endure lots of stress when fully utilized!

Adaptability to the Environment

Lastly, it’s a good idea to tailor your choice to the typical terrains encountered by your Can-Am Maverick R from the get-go. If your adventures include rocky, muddy, or watery terrains, choose a drive shaft that can withstand these conditions. Also, consider if your Maverick R is used for heavy towing or carrying loads, and select a drive shaft that can handle the additional stress.