Rack and Pinions

If you want more steering control for your UTV, you can get that with our exclusive Can-Am Rack and Pinions collection, your ticket to next-level steering command! Explore our diverse range, featuring top-tier steering racks, robust tie rod kits, and meticulously engineered pinions. We also offer essential components like heavy-duty rack and pinion boots, replacement steering rack boots, and resilient bushings. Each item in our collection is dedicated to delivering safety, longevity, and unmatched performance, ensuring your Maverick R driving experience is nothing short of exhilarating. Enjoy your ride with complete confidence thanks to our Can-Am Maverick R Rack and Pinion upgrades and embrace a new level of driving pleasure!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Rack and Pinions?

Complete Maverick R Rack and Pinion Kits vs. Individual Components

You ought to decide between a full rack and pinion set or individual component upgrades based on your Can-Am Maverick R's needs and your budget. Full sets offer a comprehensive solution, ensuring all parts work in unison for smoother operation, but these are costly since they give you everything immediately. Individual upgrades like tie rods or rack boots are ideal for addressing specific issues but might not provide a complete steering system enhancement. However, with individual components, you don’t have to upgrade it all at the same time.

Heavy-Duty vs Performance Rack and Pinions

Can-Am Maverick R's heavy-duty rack and pinions are ideal for extreme off-roading and heavy-duty use since these are designed for enhanced durability and strength. As such, they could be perfect for the Maverick R owner who faces tough terrains and demands robust steering components. If you lean towards performance and speed, performance rack and pinions prioritize precise steering and agility, perfect for high-speed and dynamic driving experiences. They offer quick response and improved handling but may have a trade-off in rugged durability.


You should always choose racks and pinions made from high-grade materials like steel or aluminum, ensuring longevity and resilience for many years to come. Therefore, be sure to look for advanced treatments or coatings that offer corrosion resistance and wear protection. While at it, also pay attention to the quality of tie rods and pinions, opting for sturdy and reliable materials capable of withstanding the Can-Amm Maverick R’s dynamic driving demands.