Make your Maverick R as smooth as butter with our Can-Am Maverick R Clutching Replacement Parts collection, the only true specialist shop for all Maverick R enthusiasts and professionals! Our selection caters to all your clutch maintenance needs, featuring essential tools like primary and secondary clutch pullers, clutch spider tools, clutch holders, and belt removal tools, along with clutch compressors for stress-free servicing! Revamp your Maverick R's power delivery with high-quality clutch kits, expertly calibrated for optimal torque and responsiveness. Fine-tune your clutching system with our selection of precision weights and washers, ensuring smooth operation and longevity. Whether you seek OEM-equivalent replacements or superior aftermarket upgrades, at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we have it all!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Clutching Replacement Parts?

OEM vs. Aftermarket Can-Am Maverick R Clutch Parts

OEM Clutch Parts

These are specifically designed for the Can-Am Maverick R, maintaining the original performance standards and specifications all across the board. They offer reliability and are usually backed by warranties and certificates, but might lack in terms of performance enhancements and making your Can-Am up to your standards.

Aftermarket Clutch Parts 

The aftermarket world of Can-Am Maverick R clutches provides a wide range of options, potentially offering improvements in efficiency, torque, and power delivery. When opting for aftermarket parts, it's crucial to select reputable brands that ensure safety, compatibility, and enhanced performance as not all of these are superior.

Compatibility and Precision

A clutch part that precisely fits your Can-Am Maverick R should be given, otherwise, you’ll simply be spending money on nothing. To make sure you get what you need, pre-select the Maverick R within our buying suite and we’ll take care of compatibility by exclusively showing you compatible parts. Accurate compatibility ensures seamless integration with your vehicle's powertrain, maintaining the balance between power delivery and mechanical harmony. It also needs to be said that OEM replacement parts are indeed more precise construction-wise, at least compared to cheaper aftermarket alternatives.

Material Quality and Durability

All Can-Am Maverick R clutch components should be crafted from durable materials capable of withstanding the stresses of off-road use. For example, high-grade metals and alloys are recommended for their longevity and ability to resist wear and tear under demanding conditions. Don’t forget about all the little bushings, linkages, seals, and similar components as all of these together play the whole story.

Ease of Installation and Required Tools

If you prefer DIY installations and don’t have any issues with getting your hands dirty, consider the complexity of fitting the new clutch parts yourself. Some components may require specialized tools or professional expertise. Check for comprehensive instructions and consider seeking professional help for complex installations.

Impact on Performance and Efficiency

You need to evaluate how the new clutch components will affect the overall performance of your Can-Am Maverick R. Upgrades should aim to enhance responsiveness and efficiency altogether. Consider how changes in the clutch system might influence power output, acceleration, and the driving experience. Also, not going for an extreme clutching system should give you more headroom in case something does actually break.