Fuel / Intake

By choosing our Can-Am Maverick R Fuel/Intake Replacement Parts, you'll ensure your machine boasts the performance of a champion's lungs! Welcome to our assortment of top-grade fuel injectors and advanced T-Map sensors, designed for maximum fuel efficiency. Discover our durable, leak-resistant fuel lines that ensure seamless fuel delivery under any condition. Explore high-performance fuel pumps, crafted for dependable fuel flow, vital for mastering challenging off-road terrains. Keep your fuel system functioning flawlessly with specialized fuel pump rebuild kits, and monitor your fuel levels with precision using our accurate fuel-sending units. For optimal engine health, our collection also includes fuel strainers, pump filters, and air intake filters, essential for blocking out impurities and extending the life of your powertrain! Select seals, gaskets, and throttle body intake adapters, each thoughtfully engineered for the Can-Am Maverick R. Place your order today and experience the renewed power and efficiency of your Can-Am Maverick R!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Fuel / Intake Replacement Parts?

OEM vs. Aftermarket Maverick R Fuel and Intake Parts

OEM Intake and Fuel Parts 

These are designed to meet the exact factory specifications, ensuring consistent performance and a guaranteed fit across the board. They are the go-to choice for maintaining the original efficiency and reliability of your Maverick R. So, if you are satisfied with what the Can-Am Maverick R offers from the factory, these are the ones to get!

Aftermarket Intake and Fuel Parts

On the other hand, if you want more power, better efficiency, intake sounds, or more torque, aftermarket parts offer the chance to customize and enhance your vehicle's performance. These parts can bring improvements in fuel efficiency, power output, and response times, making them ideal for owners looking to upgrade their Maverick R's capabilities.

Compatibility and Precision

Parts that are fully compatible with your Can-Am Maverick R are essential,  no matter if they are OEM or aftermarket. For OEM parts, it's crucial to recognize that there are variations across different models and years of the Maverick R. Not all OEM parts will fit every model seamlessly. With aftermarket parts, achieving the right fit can be more challenging since these parts are not always designed with the direct oversight of Can-Am. A precise fit is only sometimes guaranteed, and improper fitment can lead to performance issues. To help you navigate this, our system allows you to specify your Maverick R model, ensuring you find parts that are guaranteed to fit your specific vehicle, regardless of whether they are OEM or aftermarket.

Material Quality and Durability

Considering the extreme conditions often faced by the Can-Am Maverick R, choosing durable, high-quality materials for fuel and intake components is crucial. Look for parts made from materials that can withstand the rigors of aggressive use, including high-grade metals like stainless steel or titanium for metal parts and tough, heat-resistant plastics for any plastic components. Seals, gaskets, and other components should also be made of materials that resist wear and tear, to prevent leaks and ensure long-term reliability under challenging conditions.

Performance Boost vs Efficiency Boost

Many opt for aftermarket parts for their Can-Am Maverick R for better performance and efficiency. Upgraded parts should facilitate improved fuel flow and air intake, contributing to enhanced engine performance. This is especially important if you are aiming to increase power or fuel efficiency. Weigh your options carefully, considering how each component will impact your Maverick R's performance, before making your investment.

Installation Expertise and Maintenance

Some fuel and intake components may be simple enough for DIY installation, but others might require specialized tools or professional expertise. Assess your own mechanical skills and tool availability before attempting installation. For more complex components, professional installation might be the safer route. Regular maintenance, such as replacing filters and cleaning the intake system, is vital to maintain the efficiency of these systems and to prolong the life of both the engine and the rest of your powertrain.