Rear Drive Line / Suspension

Welcome to our Can-Am Maverick R Rear Drive Line/ Suspension replacement parts– your one-stop destination to revitalize your Maverick R's performance! Delve into our collection of ultra-precise ball joints, engineered for seamless suspension flow and enhanced steering accuracy, tailored specifically for the Maverick R's adventurous spirit. Elevate your ride with custom-designed tie rod ends, meticulously crafted to withstand the Maverick R's dynamic off-road challenges. Enhance your drive line's versatility with our robust CV joints and heim joints, offering unparalleled articulation for your extreme escapades. Complement these upgrades with our top-tier, heavy-duty bushings, designed to solidify your suspension system against the harshest conditions. At Everything Maverick Offroad, we’re committed to ensuring your Maverick R is equipped to conquer everything!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Rear Drive Line / Suspension?

OEM Parts vs Aftermarket Maverick R Rear Drive Line/ Suspension Parts

Opting for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts guarantees that your Can-Am Maverick R retains its authentic, factory-engineered performance. These parts are designed by Can-Am or its authorized manufacturers, ensuring perfect compatibility and restoration of the vehicle's original handling characteristics. However, it's important to note that while OEM parts offer reliability, they might not bring anything beyond the original experience. On the other hand, the aftermarket world presents a plethora of options to customize your Maverick R’s suspension and driveline. These parts are tailored for specific terrains and driving styles, offering a chance to refine handling, durability, and overall performance.

Compatibility and Precision

Inaccurate fitment can lead to mechanical issues or reduced performance, so be sure to avoid incompatible parts at all costs. Our system simplifies this process; select your Can-Am Maverick R model, and we’ll show only the compatible parts, taking the guesswork out of your shopping experience entirely!

Material Quality and Durability

For those who frequently challenge the limits off-road such as in dunes, mountains, snow, woodlands, or over rocks, choosing parts that offer durability and superior functionality is a given. Materials like chromoly steel, high-grade aluminum, and even advanced options like titanium or carbon fiber, ensure that your Can-Am Maverick R suspension system remains robust and reliable under stress.

Installation and Maintenance

Be aware that installing suspension parts on your Can-Am Maverick R is not a simple task since these require special tools for a proper fit. It requires technical know-how and an understanding of your vehicle’s mechanics. If you’re not confident, professional installation is always recommended. Regular maintenance is also as important as the quality of the part itself. This involves routine checks and timely servicing of your suspension and driveline components. Pay close attention to joints, seals, and lubrication points, as these are integral to the smooth operation of your Maverick R’s suspension system.