Tools / Accessories

If you want to preserve, nurture, and maintain your Can-Am as best as possible, these Can-Am Maverick R Tools/ Accessories are the way to do it! Uncover precision tools, from wheel alignment kits for flawless balance to specialized ball joint pullers for smooth maintenance. Ensure optimal engine health with our custom-fit snorkel tools and precision-engineered dipsticks. Our toolkit essentials, including drivetrain maintenance tools like CV boot clamps and U-joint extractors, are vital for your Maverick R's longevity. With these superior high-strength gaskets, durable fasteners, and versatile electrical connectors, along with essential sockets, clips, and top-grade lubricants, you are all set for life-long maintenance. All of these are tailor-made for the Can-Am Maverick R. Create a special bond with your machine thanks to our Can-Am Maverick R Tools/ Accessories!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Tools / Accessories?

OEM vs Aftermarket Maverick R Tools/ Accessories

If you want the most precise tools you can get, what better way to do it than to go for tools made or licensed by the company itself? OEM Can-Am Maverick R tools are perfect for those committed to preserving the Maverick R's factory settings and performance. In contrast, aftermarket tools and accessories often introduce innovative features and superior materials, potentially enhancing the functionality and customization of your Maverick R. They are ideal for owners looking to adapt their vehicles to specific needs or challenging conditions.

Compatibility and Precision

Compatibility should be your top priority because, without it, your tools are rather worthless. Ensure that every tool and accessory you purchase aligns flawlessly with your Can-Am Maverick R's specifications. Precision tools specifically made for the Maverick R, like suspension alignment kits or specialized bearing tools, will ensure maintenance tasks are performed efficiently and safely, in all environments.

Material Quality and Longevity

It’s up to you to choose tools made from high-grade materials like hardened steel, aluminum, or high-quality polymers, especially if these tools are already used on materials such as steel or aluminum. Such materials guarantee durability and reliability under various conditions, making them a wise investment for the long-term maintenance of your Can-Am Maverick R. Remember, the better the material, the longer your tools are going to last, so it makes sense to sometimes pay a little more.

Functionality and Usage

You must focus on the functionality relevant to your needs and wants. With that in mind, be sure to assess the routine maintenance tasks or customizations you perform on your Can-Am Maverick R and select tools that facilitate these jobs. Prioritize tools that not only fit your vehicle but also streamline and improve the maintenance process completely.

Maintenance and Storage of Tools

While buying your new Can-Am Maverick R tools, you should also buy proper storage in order to organize them as best as possible. Regular cleaning and appropriate storage extend the life of your tools, ensuring they remain in top condition. Consider investing in sturdy Can-Am Maverick R toolboxes or portable bags, especially for tools like electronic diagnostics or delicate adjustment kits, to keep them safe and easily accessible.