Skid Plates

Are you tired of scratching the underside of your Maverick R and want to make sure that never happens? If so, welcome to our Can-Am Maverick R Skid Plates collection, where we take great pride in protecting your beautiful machine from whatever comes your way! Backed by our collection's superior selection of steel and aluminum skid plates, you’ll be able to go over anything. Our range features comprehensive skid plate kits for full underbody coverage, as well as targeted skid plates for critical areas, ensuring your Maverick R is shielded on all fronts. Fortify your vehicle's vulnerable points with our heavy-duty A-Arm Guards, offering enhanced protection without compromising performance. Additionally, explore our well-crafted tree kickers, designed not only for protection but also to accentuate the Maverick R's rugged looks. Secure your Can-Am Maverick R Skid Plates today and conquer trails knowing you’re protected!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Skid Plates?

Ground Clearance

Assess how a skid plate affects the Can-Am Maverick R's ground clearance and how that could pose problems with clearing larger obstacles. Since it's designed to conquer diverse terrains, a skid plate that reduces clearance significantly could be detrimental. Look for designs that preserve as much clearance as possible, ensuring your Maverick R maintains its natural off-road prowess.

Maverick R Skid Plate Types

A full Can-Am Maverick R skid plate system offers comprehensive protection, ideal for those who encounter a variety of challenges and obstacles. If your off-roading is more specialized, consider partial kits targeting areas like the undercarriage or A-arms. Additionally, features like side guards or rock sliders can boost protection and even enhance the Maverick R’s accessibility and appearance. It’s important to match these features with the specific demands of your typical off-road environments to make sure your Can-Am Maverick R is fully protected against all dangers

Material Choices for Durability

The material of the skid plate impacts its effectiveness and your Can-Am Maverick R's overall performance and protection. Aluminum plates are lighter, offering a good balance between protection and weight, they resist corrosion effectively and don’t need special coatings to do so. Steel plates provide increased durability at the expense of added weight and potential rust issues, so additional protective treatments may be necessary.


Choose a skid plate that covers all vital parts of your Can-Am Maverick R, fitting snugly without hindering its functionality. The right skid plate should shield crucial components while aligning seamlessly with your vehicle's design, including any other modifications you've made or plan to make.