Street Legal

Hit the mean streets with confidence and safety thanks to our Can-Am Maverick R Street Legal Essentials shop category, a place where we make sure to make your UTV thoroughly and fully street-legal! Illuminate your path with our powerful, energy-efficient LED headlights, perfect for city adventures. Our robust horn kits ensure you're not only visible but also audible in bustling traffic. Adorn your Maverick R with sleek license plate frames, keeping you within legal bounds and easily identifiable. Our range also includes adjustable mirrors, essential for safe navigation on busy streets. Enhance signaling with our brake light modulators and integrated turn signals, and easily integrate these upgrades with our reliable wiring harnesses. Place your order today and make your Can-Am Maveric R street legal for many years to come!

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What to Look Out for When Buying Can-Am Maverick R Street Legal Accessories?

Your State Requirments

When gearing up your Can-Am Maverick R for street legality, first understand the specific requirements of your state since all states have specific rules on what can and can’t be done while making a UTV street legal. Be that as it may, virtually all states cover the necessities like headlights, taillights, turn signals, horn specifications, and the correct display of license plates. Ensuring compliance is vital for legal operations and to avoid investing in unneeded parts. It's also wise to choose upgrades that meet most state standards, enhancing the Can-Am Maverick R’s appeal for future resale. The idea here is to do what you have to do, but it does not affect the overall appeal of your UTV and makes it more specific!

Non-Required but Recommended Mods

Beyond good old mandatory mods, it’s a very good idea to consider adding non-required but beneficial features that can further make your life safer, easier, and more convenient. Stuff-like side mirrors for enhanced visibility in urban settings, a quieter exhaust system to reduce noise pollution, and road-appropriate tires for better traction and safety on asphalt. Even though some of these might not be legally required in your specific state, it’s still a very good idea to have them since that will make your Can-Am Maverick R better prepared for public roads. Other mods such as these include power steering kits, windscreens, cup holders, comfier seats, seat belts, heaters, seat warmers, and many other useful features you can find at Everything Can-Am Offroad!


The quality of your street-legal modifications is a given, no matter what you go for, but especially for very important stuff such as your lights, your turn signals, and similar. High-quality components from reputable brands ensure safety and prevent potential legal issues due to equipment failure. You need to have reliable components that are designed to last a long time, otherwise, it makes no sense to get them.


Think about the adaptability of your upgrades and how you can use the same solution for multiple problems. Choose systems that can be adjusted for different environments, like lighting suitable for both city and off-road use. Also, plan for future enhancements to your Can-Am Maverick R. Ensure the street-legal mods you install now will not conflict with or become obsolete due to any upcoming additions. Compatibility with your current setup is key for easy integration and efficient upgrading in the future.