Ball Joints

Quit rolling around on bunk ball joints and pick up some fresh Can-Am Maverick X3 ball joints, Can-Am Maverick 1000r ball joints, or Can-Am Maverick X RC ball joints from Everything Can-Am Offroad! Our heavy-duty upper and lower Can-Am Maverick ball joint replacements (made by companies like All Balls Racing) are far superior to the stock ball joints, providing you with unmatched durability, dependability, rigidity, and longevity!

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A-arms are a very important part of your Can-Am Maverick’s suspension system. The Achilles heel of any UTV or side by side’s A-arms are what are known as ball joints. Unfortunately, many Can-Am Maverick owners learn this fact the hard way after one of their ball joints snap off in the middle of an off-road riding session. The Can-Am Maverick’s stock OEM ball joints aren’t known for being the most durable and reliable, so if you’re someone who likes to push your Can-Am Maverick to the limit, you might eventually find that factory ball joints aren’t able to handle the stress. And if you have aftermarket upgrades on your Can-Am Maverick such as a lift kit, bigger wheels and tires, long travel suspension kit, or a portal gear lift, it’s pretty much inevitable your OEM ball joints will break. This is because these types of aftermarket upgrades and accessories put a ton of extra stress and leverage on your Can-Am Maverick’s A-arms and ball joints.

Whether you are tired of counting on your Can-Am Maverick’s fragile stock ball joints or you need some heavy-duty ball joints to go along with your Can-Am Maverick’s next big upgrade, aftermarket UTV and side by side ball joints offer the solution. And there is no better place to look for aftermarket replacement ball joints for the Can-Am Maverick than right here at Everything Can-Am Offroad. You will find all the best upper ball joints, lower ball joints, heavy-duty ball joints, adjustable ball joints, and ball joint replacement kits from all the best brands such as Kryptonite, All Balls Racing, Moose, High Lifter, Demon Powersports, HCR Racing, LM UTV, and ZBroz Racing. No matter which type of replacement ball joints you choose to go with for your Can-Am Maverick, you can rest assured that they will perform better and last longer than your stock ball joints.

If you want to get all the aftermarket side by side replacement upper ball joints and lower ball joints you need for your Can-Am Maverick in one easy order, we suggest ordering something like the Can-Am Maverick Upper and Lower Ball Joints By All Balls Racing. These ultra-durable upper and lower ball joints feature a steel housing and are self-lubricating to prevent seizing. They also have a bearing cup that isolates the steel rod from the housing to prevent damage. Each of these ball joint replacement kits come with enough upper and lower ball joints for both sides of either your Can-Am Maverick’s front or rear A-arms. So if you need to replace ball joints for both your front and rear A-arms, you’ll need to order two of these UTV ball joint replacement kits for the Can-Am Maverick by All Balls Racing.

Want to make sure your Can-Am Maverick’s next ball joint replacements are its last? You’ll want to make the investment into some heavy-duty aftermarket UTV ball joints such as the Can-Am Maverick X3 Heavy Duty Upper and Lower Ball Joints By Demon Powersports. These heavy-duty ball joints are constructed from 4340 chromoly steel material, making them twice as strong as factory OEM ball joints. They are also easily greaseable and serviceable, which significantly reduces wear and tear to give them a much longer lifespan than their stock counterparts. These heavy-duty upper and lower ball joints can be ordered to perfectly fit whatever year or model of the Can-Am Maverick you happen to have. Heavy-duty ball joint replacements like these are a must if you are upgrading your Can-Am Maverick with a lift kit or long travel suspension kit.

There is no shortage of aftermarket UTV upper ball joint and lower ball joint replacements for the Can-Am Maverick here. And to make things as easy as possible, we also have complete ball joint replacement kits that include ball joint replacement tools. If you are going to invest in a lift kit, portal gear lift, oversized wheels and tires, or a long travel suspension kit for your Can-Am Maverick, we can guarantee you will regret not also upgrading your upper and lower A-arm ball joints. Strengthen the integrity of your Can-Am Maverick’s A-arms and suspension system with the quality aftermarket UTV ball joint replacements and ball joint kits we have here at Everything Can-Am Offroad!