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Maverick X3

Cleaning Supplies

With both interior and exterior Can-Am Maverick cleaning supplies, Everything Can-Am Offroad has the products riders need to keep their bikes cleaner for longer. We’ve got chrome cleaners to make your rims shine, and waxes as well as ceramic coatings to keep the plastic components vibrant and squeaky clean. There are many Can-Am Maverick cleaning supplies that riders can apply to the outside surface of their UTV, ranging from Simple Green to Purple Power mixed with a splash of Oxy Clean in hot water. SuperATV’s Moneyshot Wash N’ Wax is a popular product for cleaning the exterior of the Can-Am Maverick. Not only does it remove tough mud stains and leftover grime, but it also leaves behind a protective layer of Carnauba wax, which makes subsequent washing much easier and more effective. Instead of taking your machine in to have it professionally ceramic coated -- which doesn’t adhere well to textured components -- cleaning supplies like Maxima SC1 can be applied from home. And if you hit your Maverick’s suspension components and inner fender areas with WD40 or specialized fogging sprays, they’ll be much less challenging to keep clean in the future. Whether you’re giving your side-by-side a quick after-ride wash, or detailing your bike before putting it into storage over winter, conduct your cleaning procedures the right way by using the safe and powerful Can-Am Maverick cleaning supplies from Everything Can-Am Offroad!

For those who run full, half, or folding windshields, water can be problematic when it comes to visibility. And although windshield wipers do work, Can-Am Maverick cleaning products like Rain-X and Rain-X Plastic will cause water to bead up and dissipate off your windshield of its own volition. It’s common sense that getting your bike spick and span is essential if you’re trying to sell it. But even if you plan on keeping your Maverick until it sputters its last breath, it’ll last longer and require less maintenance if you implement good cleaning practices! And to aid you with UTV hygiene, Everything Can-Am Offroad has the Can-Am Maverick cleaning supplies to make sprucing up your side-by-side a walk in the park.     

27 products

27 products