Complete Kits with Radio

If you’ve been looking at communications equipment, UTV radios, or complete radio kits for your Can-Am Maverick, we’ve got the setups for you. From Citizen Band, GMRS and Ham radios to other two-way UTV shorthand radio kits, here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, we do it all. There are two main reasons why Maverick owners typically want the unit-to-unit transmissions provided by side-by-side radio kits, and those reasons are local contact within a group and emergency transmission for help. Anyone shopping for a complete communication kit with a radio should start by finding out what repeaters are in your area and what ranges you’re allowed to operate in. That will increase your range of transmission greatly and keep your communications within legal limits. You should also become familiar with the frequencies you choose to operate in and the FCC regulations that govern them. CB radios and radio kits, for example, do not require a license and are good for short-distance communications. GMRS radio kits, on the other hand, require a license that can be obtained with only a small fee — no tests required. Many areas have GMRS repeaters, so they offer the ability for longer distance communications than CB’s. Ham Radio kits, like the UV5R from Baofeng, has frequencies that require licensing granted by the FCC in the way of several levels of knowledge testing. This will offer the longest distance transmission. The key point here is you must have a license to operate either GMRS or Ham Radios legally. For most Can-Am Maverick owners, a GMRS radio kit is a good option as it is easy to operate, inexpensive, needs no programming, and can offer decent range — especially if you have GMRS repeaters where you ride. But regardless of what you decide on for a communication kit and radio in your Can-Am Commander, here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, you’re sure to find just the right unit for just the right purposes.

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