Earbuds and Helmet Speakers

Can-Am Maverick owners looking for earbuds and helmet speakers shop Everything Can-Am Offroad for all their UTV audio needs. Use them for ear communication or use them for music when riding your Can-Am Maverick, but whatever you’re planning on using them for, you can trust that the earbuds and helmets speakers we offer are made to last, made to blast, and made specifically for side-by-side riders who’ll subject them to extreme conditions. They are sweat proof, so even if you don’t have an air pumper system or AC unit, your earbuds or helmet speakers won’t get damages. They are also impact resistant, so if you bump your head on the roll cage or get jostled around, your helmet speakers or earbuds won’t be fazed. Many riders choose earbuds and helmet speakers because it’s hard to hear traditional stereos and speakers with a helmet on. Add to this the noises emitted from the engine, exhaust, and other parts of the Maverick and you’d have to crank traditional stereos up to the max just to barely hear them. Using earbuds or hemet speakers, however, riders can get clear audio directed to their ears without expensive UTV stereo setups.

Earplugs and earmuffs are an option for those with cab enclosures that exacerbate engine noise, and some choose to install sound deadening panels on the rear firewall. But another solution is noise-canceling earbuds or helmet speakers that send out waveforms that are the exact opposite of the ambient noise, providing a neutralizing counterbalance to background noise. In addition to traditional wired earbuds and speaker headphones that plug into your electronic devices, we also offer wireless options that won’t get in your way when you’re reaching toward the back of your Maverick for a cold one. Be it helmet speakers to use with your side-by-side helmet or earbuds that work with or without helmets, we’ve got everything you need for all your music and communication needs.

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