GPS Units

Looking for the best Can-Am Maverick GPS for both on-road and off-road use? Here at Everything Can-Am Offroad, our GPS units do far more than provide navigational information. We have UTV-specific GPS units that also track your rides, storing information such as speed averages, elevation changes, and more. Many also allow you to drop pins, so if you find an awesome spot that you want to come back to or share with your friends, you can do so with the press of a finger. Be it a Larance GPS, a Garmin GPS, a Magellan GPS, or some other side-by-side GPS, our selection of GPS units for the Can-Am Maverick is unmatched. With intuitive interfaces, lots of free government trail maps, as well as the ability to load and use specific paid maps, you can have everything you need to explore new terrain. And because most GPS units these days will show you where you came from, finding your way back is as easy as following the line on your GPS. Furthermore, you can also pre-plan routes, avoiding trails that are too narrow for your Maverick, or making sure to hit key spots like overlooks, lakes, or rock features.

With the ability to download and store the latest Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs), you can browse sites like the USDA Forest Service for geospatial PDFs and other files with more information that you would ever need. They have topographic maps to show elevation gradients, water maps to show rivers and creeks, and even geological maps to show different terrain types in specific areas. But information and data are only one aspect of a good UTV GPS. Many riders like to get GPS units that fit stock device holders and cubbies in the dash or center console. You could have all the information in the world stored in your GPS, but if it’s a hassle to use, you might not take advantage of it as often. So for GPS units for the Can-Am Maverick as well as mounts and other GPS-related accessories, keep your bearings and get what you need at Everything Can-Am Offroad.

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